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LNR Junior Teams, Programs & Camps

The Junior Program of Loppet Nordic Racing strives to teach skiers how to improve both their ski technique and physical conditioning. While LNR Juniors is just beginning, the predecessors to the program have been around for years. Those predecessor programs have had great success – with kids finishing the program better prepared for ski season and with fresh enthusiasm for the sport.

In spring 2012, Loppet Nordic Racing brought together athletes and coaches from Minnesota Valley Ski Club and Go! Training, both clubs with a history of top junior athletes. In March 2014, LNR sent 23 athletes to Junior Nationals and won all three National Championship Club Titles: Men, Women and Overall. This second-season success built on LNR’s strong inaugural year when LNR qualified 19 athletes to the 2013 USSA Junior National Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska – more than any other Midwest club.

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Year-Round Competition & Development Teams

Competition Team

The goal of the LNR Competition Team is prepare athletes ages 16-19 to compete at a national and international level. Training is based on a year round model, starting in the beginning of April.

Development Team

The goal of the LNR Development Team is to close the gap between the Loppet TRAIL KIDS program and the LNR Competition Team. We encourage multiple sports for athletes in this program, so the team practice and camp schedule should allow for training with another team/sport.

Programs & Camps By Season

Thank you for a wonderful LNR experience. We have so appreciated your positive leadership, the authentic connections you make with your skiers and their families, and your sincere desire for kids to enjoy this ‘journey’ of life, not just to win the next race.