LNR Juniors Competition Team

The LNR competition team is our highest level of training for high school aged student athletes. Primarily for high school juniors and seniors  (YOB 2003, 2003, 2001). Comp team members are committed to year round training and have goals of competing regionally and nationally.

Athletes with YOB 2004 can petition to train with Competition team if they have exceptional results (eg. top 10 at JN’s). Competition Team weekly schedule for Spring and Summer will be very similar to what is was last year.

Competition Team Handbook: Click to Download the Team Handbook PDF

Year Round Competition Team Includes:

  • Training program running from April 10th – March 10th.
  • 1 spring, 3 Summer, 1 Fall Camp and Thanksgiving On Snow Training Camps are all included
  • Year round training plan, time trials and field testing, lactate profiles
  • 3-7 organized training sessions per week unless otherwise noted

LNR Spring and Summer Training Principles

  1. To keep training varied, challenging, and having the opportunity to explore new places
  2. To make sure training in spring and summer is focused on making you a better all around athlete: coordination, speed, and running/movement mechanics
  3. To make sure that the environment at LNR is one that stresses being a good person, not just a good athlete.  We will focus on working well in a group and members are expected to participate in a number of volunteer projects throughout the year.

Every Olympian was an awkward junior high school athlete at some point. Inspired coaching, a motivational atmosphere, and a strong peer group can transform a young rookie into a highly competitive athlete. Loppet Nordic Racing is a new club that was formed from the combination of two clubs, Minnesota Valley and Go! Training. Here’s a partial list of our alumnae that have gone on to the Olympics and World Champs in XC Skiing and Biathlon:

  • Caitlin Gregg – 2015 World Championship Bronze Medalist, 2014 World Cup Team, 2010 Olympic team, 2007, 2009 XC World Champs Team, 2008 Biathlon World Championship Team, 6 Time National Champion
  • Brian Gregg – 2017, 2016, 2015 World Cup Team, 2014 Olympic Team
  • Ben Saxton – 2015 U23 World Championship Team, 2014 World Junior XC Team
  • Kyle Batrud – 2017, 2015 World Championship Team, 2017 National Champion, 2013 World Junior XC Team
  • Jakob and Siena Ellingson – 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 World Junior Biathlon Team
  • Carolyn Bramante – 2006 Olympian, 2008 and 2009 Biathlon World Championship Team, 2002 World Junior Silver Medalist
  • Brian Olsen – 2006 Olympian
  • Dan Campbell – 2002 Olympian
  • Andrea Nahrgang – 2002 Olympian
  • Jacob Beste – 2004 World Cup Team
  • Andy Erickson – 1998 Olympian

Junior National Champions

  • Vivian Hett – Junior National Champion 2015
  • Amanda Kautzer – Junior National Champion 2014
  • Sharmila Ahmed – Junior National Champion 2013
  • Ben Saxton – Junior National Champion 2012
  • Karl Nygren – U23 World Championship Team

U18 Scandanavian Cup Team

  • Luci Anderson – 2017
  • Zak Ketterson, Abby Drach, Nicole Schneider – 2015
  • Vivan Hett – 2013
  • Sharmila Ahmed – 2011

Minnesota State Champions:

  • Xavier Mansfield – 2017
  • Margie Freed – 2016
  • Sarah Bezdicek – 2015
  • Zak Ketterson – 2014, 2016
  • Jakob Ellingson – 2013
  • Ben Saxton – 2011, 2012
  • Sharmila Ahmed – 2011
  • Erik Fagerstrom – 2009
  • Katie Bono – 2005, 2006
  • Claire Luby – 2006
  • Joe Sem – 2004
  • Bill Snellman – 1999

Why would you want to sign up for year round training with Loppet Nordic Racing? Well, it all comes back to goals- if your goals are to compete at the highest level in cross country skiing, then this is how you do it. A year round training plan that is not segmented by track and xc running seasons. Strength becomes a big focus in the spring and early summer. High Volume becomes a big focus in the summer, with some big hours during summer camps. In the fall, training gets more intense and more specific with additional rollerskiing intensity.

Are there other ways to be successful in xc skiing?
Yes, but year round training is the most effective, especially starting at age 16, a time when an athlete can handle a higher volume of training.

Can I train with the Competition Team – but not on a Year Round basis?
Yes, you can. We don’t see this as ideal, but you can do it. Cost of camps and training are not subsidized as they are for Year Round athletes.

Training Details/Schedule:

Training will combine regular local training sessions with 5 training camps to be held in the summer, fall, and early winter. Camps are an integral part of high level ski training, and they are a lot of fun.

Required equipment: watch (with stopwatch function), heart rate monitor, classic and skate rollerskis, and road bike/bike shoes. Optional equipment: mountain bike.

Spring Training Schedule 2020

starts June 15th runs 9 weeks through August 14th. Comp team will have a light training schedule 4th of July 4th week and team members not going on the Colorado camp will practice with Devo team at the end of July.

Monday 8am Hyland Park, Rollerski

Tuesday 8am  Town of Afton or French Park, Rollerski Intensity

Tuesday 3pm The Trailhead, strength

Wednesday 8am The Trailhead, Rollerski or Running distance

Thursday 8am various locations (on low volume we wil will NOT meet Thursday AM)

Thursday 4pm The Trailhead, foot and strength

Friday 8am Hyland Park, on foot intensity

Weekends – recommended training, we do not meet on weekends in the summer

LNR Competition Team is $4,500. The team fee can be paid in full or paid in installments of $1,125 on May 1, Aug 1, Nov 1, and Feb. 1. You can Pay in Full with Check or Installment Option with Checks. All interested athletes need to inquire with Comp Team Head Coach Chris Harvey, harvey@loppet.org, if they are eligible for Comp Team training and training camps.  Note, this year’s year round fee includes all costs for the July Destination Camp in Frisco, CO and there is no August camp for the Competition Team.

Note that although fees for the Year-Round Competition Team are substantial, they include six training camps, spring, summer, fall and winter training sessions, as well as training plans, lactate testing, and race support. The Competition Team fees are actually highly subsidized in order to encourage and reward athletes who are making the commitment to train full-time for cross-country skiing.

Scholarships available on a need based from the Loppet Foundation. Please contact coach Bednarski for more information at bednarski@loppet.org.

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Spring, Summer, Fall and Camp Options

Athletes may choose to enroll by season rather than the YEAR ROUND option: note that all Competition Team sessions registration require prior approval by LNR coaching staff.  We need to make sure that each level has an appropriate background for the amount and difficulty of the training.  This is especially important for the Training Camp registrations- please do not register for summer training camps without prior approval of LNR coaching staff.

-note that Comp Team Athletes may attend a Development Team Camp 

May mini Camp- May 15th-16th –  Hayward, WI

June Camp – June 17th – 11th – Ironwood, MI (6 days)

July Camp – July 22nd – 31st – Summit Country, Colorado (10 days)

October MEA Camp – October 14th – 18th  – Lake Owen Resort, Cable WI (5 days)

Thanksgiving On Snow Camp – November 21st – 29th – West Yellowstone MT

**note for Summit Country, CO Camp-  athletes need to be signed up for one additional LNR Training Camp and  LNR Comp Team or College Team in order to participate**

LNR works in cooperation with Minnesota Biathlon and the US Biathlon Association to provide biathlon training camps and racing opportunities during the summer,fall, and winter. A complete camp schedule of camps is not yet available, but Biathlon training camps may be substituted for FAST/LNR camps in the LNR Competition Team annual plan, and athletes may do a combination for XC and Biathlon camps. Note that USBA training camps are only open by application to athletes with excellent xc skiing results.

Competition Team Handbook: Click to Download the Team Handbook PDF