Loppet Trail Kids

Outdoor Adventures for Kids Age 7 – 13
Year-Round Run, Bike, Ski Activities

Loppet Trail Kids provides year-round outdoor endurance adventures for youth ages 7 – 13 years old in the sports of Nordic Skiing, Run & Orienteering, and Mountain Biking. Each program offers five or six-week sessions that meet twice per week. Three-week beginner clinics are offered prior to each session launch for youth who are new to the sports. Trail Kids also offers half-day week-long mountain bike camps. The programs provides mixed-gender coaching groups along with select girls-specific Girls Rock mountain bike programming. Non-binary and trans youth are welcome to join any group in which they feel most comfortable.

Our Trail Kids coaching staff is trained in sport-specific curriculum developed over the last ten years. Coaches include dedicated Trail Kids parents, volunteers, college students and local high school athletes. Programming for older youth is offered through the three different Loppet sport tracks of LNR, LCW and Loppet Run 365.

The Trail Kids Programs offer a race expereince within each program offering. These races are included in the program’s registration fees and are only open to currently registered Trail Kids participants at the Wirth location.

Adventure Race Series – Bike, Ski, Run

Competitive Opportunities outside Trail Kids

For opportunities to race outside of the Trail Kids program race events, check out the link below



Trail Kids programs rely on generous volunteers to help out with our various programs and race events. See all coaching opportunities here.

Looking to assist the Trail Kids staff in other areas? Please email one of our staff members at trailkids@loppet.org!

Trail Kids programs focus on general physical development, teaching sport-specific skills, and creating a passion in youth for outdoor endurance sports. Throughout the year, participants have opportunities to compete in various youth trail running, nordic skiing, and mountain bike races that are incorporated into the practice sessions. The focus is on fun, making friends, and gaining confidence in each sport. Some youth participate in one sport while other families join in programs all year long. Meet some of the Trail Kids Families here.

Contact us at trailkids@loppet.org

Trail Kids Admin Team

Katie Heimer – Trail Kids Director
Kate Fisher – Trail Kids Manager