Art at The Loppet

Art and nature share a unique transformative power. We are proud to be a bridge merging community, the outdoors and art together in Theodore Wirth Park and encourage you to join us on this journey.

Crystal Sokuu: Time is Now

The piece was created as a reminder to get out of your head. There is no better time to start than now. Crystal Sokuu is a talented visual artist, accomplished muralist, and passionate paint instructor dedicated to empowering individuals through art. With a focus on themes of women empowerment, self-discovery, and mental health, Crystal creates thought-provoking pieces that resonate with her audience on a deep emotional level. Connect with “Time is Now” through August 2024.

Wone and Youa Vang: Third Daughter, Restless Daughter

Youa and Wone Yang ccreated Third Daughter, Restless Daughterin response to their grandmother’s Hmong embroidery. The most important constants to their art is the hard work and integrity that they put into every project, and it’s their dedication and passion that makes their craft stand out. View their art installation along the fence on Theodore Wirth Parkway.

Mango Day Ashley Koudou and Taylan De Johnette

Ashley Koudou and Taylan De Johnette founded the design agency Mango Day in 2023 to help BIPOC creatives and entrepreneurs find solutions to grow their brands authentically. They recognized the gaps in opportunities for growth that are available for BIPOC artists and businesses and have dedicated themselves to uplifting and investing in them to help them grow, develop sustainable income, and build community. Koudou and De Johnette collaborated to produce the colorful mural you’ll see on a storage container that is used for sledding tubes and mountain bikes, right next to the Trailhead.

Create your own art with Loppet Outdoor Art programs! Check out all of the offerings from Loppet Outdoor art here.

The Loppet Foundation is seeking a mural artist/artist team from Minnesota to create a new mural inside The Trailhead building located in Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis. The location for the mural spans the majority of the main hall of The Trailhead and we are excited for it to be a beautiful artwork that serves to inspire everyone who uses and visits the Trailhead!

There is one $13,500 commission available for an interior mural- roughly 450 sq/ft, that includes design, community engagement, materials and installation. The selected artist will design the mural in collaboration with Loppet Foundation staff and include community in the design and creation of the mural.

See the full artist call here.