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Nayeli Hernandez Limas

Nayeli was a shy 6th grader when she joined the Junior Loppet team at Franklin Middle School in North Minneapolis. Now a junior at Patrick Henry High School, Nayeli has an impressive Loppet resume. Her talents are helping the Loppet community, and inspiring the next generation of Loppet kids. Read Nayeli’s Story »

Saysetha Philaphandeth

Loppet Alumni Saysetha used lessons from his Junior Loppet team to turn around his school success, and then used his visual storytelling skills to earn a full-ride college scholarship. Read Saysetha’s Story »

Scott Taylor

Park Brook Elementary has been involved with the Minne-Loppet program since 2014. Principal Scott Taylor talks about how the Loppet Foundation’s programming helps address behavioral issues and close the achievement gap. Hear Scott’s Story »

The Trailhead: Our Vision

Li’Tavius Munn started with the Loppet Foundation through the Minne-Loppet at Nellie Stone Johnson Elementary. He went on to be a member of the Junior Loppet program during middle school. Li’Tavius is now a Loppet Adventure Camp Counselor and a leader and role model for younger kids. Watch Li’Tavius’ Video »

The Trailhead: Our Vision

Saysetha Philaphandeth, a senior at Patrick Henry High School, produced this video to share our vision for The Trailhead. Watch Saysetha’s Video »


Meet Terry, a “Loppet Dad,” whose kids Teagan, Quinlan and Aislyn have participated in Loppet programs. Terry explains that the Loppet Foundation is “not just skiing, it’s so much more.” Hear Terry’s Story »


Rosario was introduced to skiing in 3rd grade through The Loppet Foundation’s Minne Loppet program at Nellie Stone Johnson Community School in North Minneapolis, challenged herself on that school’s Junior Loppet team in middle school, and now aspires to be a surgeon and Olympian.Hear Rosario’s Story »

Sherman Powell

“After one summer of [participating in Loppet programs] … I do not have to get Sherman up for school anymore. At all. He takes the initiative.”Hear Sherman’s Story »


“Had I not started this in middle school, I never would have done any other sports. I definitely would not have mountain biked. I feel as though it overall benefited my health. I am more physically fit.”Read Glory’s Story »


“Before I went on the ski team, I used to do everything by myself, and I used to not help people as much,” he notes. “But now I know that people look up to me, and I help people more. I am a leader. Everyone looks up to me, and when they see me, they ask me questions and tell me what is going on. And then I help them when they need help.”Read Bryce’s Story »


When youth can participate in a year-round program with thoughtful coaches and a supportive organization and community that provides a home for developing athletes the result is kids like Xavier, who hopes someday to make it all the way to ski for Team USA.Read Xavier’s Story »


“The Loppet gives an opportunity to kids that might not otherwise have it, because it is free and most of the [related] expenses are paid,” says Adia. She remarks that the program’s strengths lie in supportive coaching and in the variety of experiences it provides.Read Adia’s Story »


The middle school program teaches youth about health, well-being, leadership and commitment. “It’s something that kids will remember forever. It impacts lives going way into the future. I was greatly impacted by it.”Read Liam’s Story »