Click on one of the following opportunities to assist the Loppet with upcoming volunteer needs.

Please see specific program areas below for information about volunteering in those areas. For general volunteer signup and questions:

For general volunteer questions: volunteer@loppet.org

Loppet Events

Loppet Events are a great way to help the Loppet Foundation realize its mission of getting folks outdoors. All kinds of volunteer help is needed: make ice luminaries, course marshal, aid station help, set up and clean up help, and much, much more. Visit the various event sites to sign up for a volunteer shift (or several!)

Pre-Loppet Volunteer Signup: We need more course marshals and start crew helpers. Full COVID protocols to protect volunteers. The race is January 17 but there are opportunities from Jan 16-18.

If you have a large group that would like to volunteer together contact volunteer@loppet.org to work with us.

Loppet Adventure Programs

Loppet Adventure Programs also need volunteers. Assist with a Junior Loppet middle school team, volunteer with the Minne-Loppet programs in the elementary schools, be a paddle partner for the Tri-Loppet, assist ski and run club coaches. Contact volunteer@loppet.org for more information.


Loppet TRAIL KIDS provides year round outdoor active adventures club for youth ages 7 – 14 years old. Kids enjoy activities throughout the year that include mountain biking, orienteering, canoeing, adventure running, and cross country skiing. Contact volunteer@loppet.org for information on current or upcoming TRAIL KIDS volunteer opportunities.

Loppet Trails

The Loppet Foundation is constantly undertaking trails related projects in Theodore Wirth Park and welcomes volunteers in all capacities to help support the trails.

Throughout the year, we have specific volunteer event days where we recruit individuals to help with the trails (listed below), along with ongoing projects which have no set date.

To become part of the Trails Team or to be included on our Trails Team mailing list, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@loppet.org. We will provide you with more information on ongoing trails work and details on trail volunteer opportunities including Trails Day, tree plantings, grooming, and our trail ambassadors program. Please also let us know if you have a large group that would like to volunteer together, so we can best accommodate your request.

Volunteers are a key communicators and enactors of the Loppet Foundation’s Values, and we ask all volunteers to seek to embody them.

Adventure. We believe that living an inspired life requires taking paths with uncertain outcomes. We focus on the journey.

Excellence. We set the highest standards and strive for continuous improvement in everything we do.

Stewardship. We are committed to nurturing the resources – like youth, natural resources, and financial assets – entrusted to our care.

Integrity. We value honesty and high moral standards, but our definition of integrity also includes holding each other accountable for living the outdoor active life that we promote.

Inclusiveness. We believe that an outdoor active life is part of all cultures and we strive to share our passion for outdoor activity across individuals with differing abilities, as well as ethnic and economic lines.

  • Volunteers must register online in advance (usually through a Google form); walk-ups and same day sign-ups will not be accepted. Volunteer registration will close prior to event. Age restrictions apply to certain jobs.
  • If you need to cancel, email volunteer@loppet.org to let us know you will no longer be joining us. 
  • Please arrive 15 mins before schedule time to allow check-in processing. Please bring identification for verification.
  • The Loppet Foundation is not responsible for lost or stolen bags. All large bags (i.e. suitcases, gear and equipment bags, beach bags, etc) will be prohibited from entry into the event areas. All large bags are subject to be searched.
  • Please plan to assist for your entire assigned assignment. If you leave early, you may compromise the safety of participants or spectators. If you need to leave early in the case of an emergency, please notify your volunteer shift leader.
  • Pets are not permitted.
  • Please do not bring your children with you unless they are registered as volunteers.

When you register to volunteer with The Loppet Foundation, we ask you to honor these codes of conduct:

  • Conduct yourself as a friendly, responsible, informative and respectful representative of The Loppet Foundation.
  • Treat everyone with respect and courtesy.
  • Refrain from public criticism of participants and other volunteers.
  • Refrain from the use of profane, insulting, harassing, or otherwise offensive language while volunteering, including in social media postings of any kind.
  • The use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are prohibited at all Loppet events.
  • Follow the directions of your volunteer shift leader.

In Case of an Emergency

  • Call 911 (immediate safety hazard or threat to life or limb).
  • Notify medical team & medical director/lead.
  • Document. Take a photo if your task/time/safety permits.
  • Media: DO NOT talk to media, DO NOT post to social media. Contact Event Lead if media personnel are in the area. If asked for information, say, “I’m not the appropriate person to provide information but I can find the right person for you to talk to.”

See Something, Say Something

  • Learn the normal flow and activity of your area. If something is suspicious, contact a nearby police officer or call 911. And follow emergency protocol above.
  • Suspicious package – Do Not Touch the item. Stay safe distance away. Ask those present if it belongs to them. Get help.
  • Report item or activity to Event Lead providing detailed description of item or behavior, including exact location.