Upcoming: September and October

  • Trail Kids is looking for mountain bike coaches and riders to help with their fall mountain bike programs. Coaching knowledge is great but not required. Assist in keeping groups together, sweeping rides and making mountain biking fun (and we know that’s a pretty natural gig). Contact trailkids@loppet.org for more info.

For volunteer questions, email volunteer@loppet.org


Loppet Events are a great way to help the Loppet Foundation realize its mission of getting folks outdoors. All kinds of volunteer help is needed: make ice luminaries, course marshal, aid station help, set up and clean up help, and much, much more. Visit the various event sites to sign up for a volunteer shift (or several!). Email us at events@loppet.org.

Adventure Programs

Loppet Adventure Programs volunteers assist with a Junior Loppet middle school team, volunteer with the Minne-Loppet programs in the elementary schools and assist ski and run club coaches. If you are interested in coaching for Minne-Loppet or Junior Loppet, please fill out the sign-up form above and pick “Minne-Loppet” or “Junior Loppet” as one of your preferred volunteer tasks.

Trail Kids

Loppet Trail Kids provides year round outdoor active adventures club for youth ages 7 – 13 years old. Kids enjoy activities throughout the year that include mountain biking, orienteering, canoeing, adventure running, and cross country skiing. Contact trailkids@loppet.org for information on current or upcoming Trail Kids volunteer opportunities.


The Loppet Foundation is constantly undertaking trails related projects in Theodore Wirth Park and welcomes volunteers in all capacities to help support the trails. Throughout the year, we have specific volunteer event days where we recruit individuals to help with the trails, along with ongoing projects which have no set date. Please also let us know if you have a large group that would like to volunteer together, so we can best accommodate your request.

  • Volunteers must register online in advance. This is extremely helpful for planning purposes and to ensure we have emergency contact information for everyone. Thank you!
  • If you need to cancel, email your task coordinator directly or volunteer@loppet.org to let us know you will no longer be joining us.
  • Please arrive 15 mins before schedule time to allow time for orientation, team organization, finding locations, etc.
  • The Loppet Foundation is not responsible for lost or stolen items such as backpacks or tools. Please be careful with personal gear.
  • Please plan to assist for your entire assigned assignment. If you leave early, you may compromise the safety of participants or spectators. If you need to leave early in the case of an emergency, please notify your volunteer shift leader.
  • Pets are not permitted.
  • Age restrictions apply to certain jobs. Please do not bring your children with you unless they are registered as volunteers.