Loppet Cycle Works

Loppet Cycle Works is the culmination of grass-roots cycling development focused on competition, preparation, training experience, and the realization of the decade-long creation of Minnesota‚Äôs first urban adventure center worthy of being home to athletes aspiring to achieve excellence through the sport of cycling. Supported by a foundation composed of the 14,000 square foot Trailhead facility, over 5 miles of competition inspired single track, progressive skills instruction areas, and a comprehensive expert coaching staff; Loppet Cycle Works serves the full spectrum of cycling enthusiasts through becoming part of a welcoming community, the creation of identity, and the discovery of purpose.

Loppet Cycle Works programs provide a pathway for cycling development adherent to evidence-based best practice. Our mission is to support cyclists of all ages to achieve their goals through safe, educational, and enjoyable experiences that expose participants to challenges appropriate to their developmental level through year-round coached individual and group activities.

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