Maps & Trail Conditions

Getting outside is a super important piece of keeping your mind and body healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic. When using the park trails, it is more important than ever to place your and others’ safety as your top priority. Refer to this CDC video for appropriate social distancing guidelines. If you are a competitive person or trying to achieve your PR, please use the trails at off peak times such as early in the morning or other less busy times. “Threading the needle” between other trail users has never been cool and is even less cool now! Respect all and don’t forget that social distancing rules apply to trail users too!

Check out these other resources regarding proper social distancing etiquette on trails:

Theodore Wirth Regional Park has many single track trails throughout. Some of the trails are maintained by MORC and trail conditions can be found on their User Forum. The Area 36, 45 North, and Conundrum trails are maintained by The Loppet Foundation and trail conditions are listed below. Please respect the trails and use when appropriate!

Mountain Biking, Hiking & Trail Runnnig

We encourage trail users to bike, bus, or walk to Theodore Wirth Park. If you are driving to the park, plan ahead if you will be using the trails during peak hours in the early mornings/evenings and weekends, and be sure to arrive with plenty of time to park and walk.

Parking is available for free in the following lots (Please refer to the complete Loppet parking map for exact locations of lots):

  • The Trailhead North and South Lots. These lots are in front of The Trailhead and provide the closest access to Mill Valley Market and The Trailhead, which also means they are usually the first to fill. There is easy access from here to the Loppet-maintained multi-use, singletrack trails; the MORC-maintained multi-use, singletrack trails in North Theodore Wirth Park; the paved Luce Line trail; and the paved trail along the parkway.
  • The Chalet Lot. This lot is in front of the Chalet and it provides easy access to both the Loppet-maintained multi-use, singletrack trails – along with easy access to the paved trails along the creek and the parkway.
  • Wirth Beach Lots. There are three parking lots here, all with immediate access to the hiking and running trails in south Theodore Wirth Park – including the Eloise Butler Wildflower garden. This lot is also a short distance from the MORC-maintained multi-use, singletrack trails along the south part of Theodore Wirth Parkway.
  • Mortenson Lot: Access this lot from Hwy 55, by turning north on Meadow Ln just one block west of Theodore Wirth Pkwy. It is about a 5-10 minute walk by trail to the MORC-maintained multi-use, singletrack trails in North Theodore Wirth Park off the Luce Line – or a 400m walk the other direction to the SE intersection of Hwy 55 and Theodore Wirth Pkwy where you can access the hiking/running trails in south Theodore Wirth Park and the MORC-maintained multi-use, singletrack trails along the south part of Theodore Wirth Parkway. This lot is only available on weekends and after 5pm on weekdays. Please do not park in any Reserved or labelled parking spots.

Our system consists of groomed ski trails including Theodore Wirth Regional Park Ski Trails, Hiawatha Regional Park Ski Trails, the Chain of Lakes Regional Park Ski Trails, and Columbia Golf Course Ski Trails.

A portion of the Theodore Wirth Park Ski Trails are groomed with manufactured snow and are lighted from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Cross Country Skiing & Skijoring

Ski Passes are required on all of these trails.

Fluoro Policy

In alignment with the International Ski Federation, all fluorinated ski wax substances are banned from Theodore Wirth Park, Columbia Golf Course, Hiawatha Regional Park, and the Chain of Lakes Regional Park – along with at all Loppet Foundation events.

We believe that banning fluorocarbons will have a positive effect on skiers’ health, the environment, and the sport as a whole. Fluorinated waxes and the necessary equipment to use them are expensive and difficult for the average skier to use, contributing to a barrier to entry to the racing side of the sport, which is something the Loppet Foundation strives to minimize.

We will be conducting testing for fluorinated products during some of our races, and skiers whose skis test positive will be disqualified from the event.

Fat-tire Biking

Fat tire bikes are allowed on the snowmaking/lighted loop ONLY on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 6pm – 9pm. An All-Access Ski Trail Pass is required to access the trails. Tires must be wider than 3.7″ and tire pressure must be less than 10psi – no exceptions. Standard mountain bikes are NOT ALLOWED. For more information and rules, visit our fat-tire biking webpage.

Trail Camera at The Trailhead