Maps & Trail Conditions

Welcome to the Minneapolis Parks Trails!

Ski Trails

Our system consists of groomed ski trails including Theodore Wirth Regional Park Ski Trails, Hiawatha Regional Park Ski Trails, the Chain of Lakes Regional Park Ski Trails, and Columbia Golf Course Ski Trails.

A portion of the North Wirth Ski Trails are groomed with human-made snow and are lighted from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Single Track Trails

Theodore Wirth Regional Park has many single track trails throughout. Some of the trails are maintained by MORC and trail conditions can be found on their User Forum. The Area 36, 45 North and Conundrum trails are maintained by The Loppet Foundation and trail conditions are listed below. Please respect the trails and use when appropriate!

Getting outside is a super important piece of keeping your mind and body healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic.  When using the park trails, it is more important than ever to place your and others’ safety as your top priority.  Refer to this CDC video for appropriate social distancing guidelines.  If you are a competitive person or trying to achieve your PR, please use the trails at off peak times such as early in the morning or other less busy times.  “Threading the needle” between other trail users has never been cool and is even less cool now!  Respect all and don’t forget that social distancing rules apply to trail users too!

Check out these other resources regarding proper social distancing etiquette on trails:

See the maps section below for information about trail names and locations.

On the dates listed below, sections of the snow-making and natural ski trails will be closed for large events. Please plan your schedule accordingly. For the most accurate trail closure details for approaching events, stay tuned to the “Official Trail Report” section above.

There are currently no trail-closing events on our calendar.