Loppet Ultimate Program

Opportunities For Youth 10-18 Years Old

Summer Ultimate Frisbee Camps, June and August

Beginner/Intermediate Level – June 20-24 sessions: Girls and Boys ages 10-16. These sessions are oriented for young athletes who have little or no experience with ultimate

Advanced– August 22-26 Session: Girls and Boys age 13-18 who have experience playing ultimate and are excited to step up there tactical and technical levels.

questions: contact Head Coach Mauricio Moorman, mobadillom@gmail.com


Session 1: June 20 -24: Girls and Boys, Ages 10-16, LAKE NOKOMIS, 9am-1pm

Session 2 : August 22-26. experienced athletes, age 13-18, LAKE NOKOMIS, 9am-1pm

All Camps Held at Lake Nokomis playing fields

This high level ultimate program is coached by the following players who have years of experience and are ready to help others develop their Ultimate skills:

  • Mauricio Badillo-Moorman: D1 Carleton Ultimate Team member, has been playing Ultimate Frisbee for the past 7 years, and has been invited to tryout for the World Juniors Team.
  • Eva Fischer: A frisbee player for the past five years, Eva played in high school and for the Minnesota YCC club team before being invited to tryout for the World Juniors Team and the first ever Pro Women’s Minnesota Team.
  • Gunnar Mikko: A competitive Ultimate player for 6 years at the High School and Minnesota YCC club team member, Gunnar was also invited to participate in the World Juniors tryouts.

The Loppet Ultimate Program’s (LUP) mission is to provide equitable access for youth in the Twin Cities to learn the sport of Ultimate, connect with members of the Ultimate community, and be mentored by experienced Ultimate players. Through each week of camp, we hope to convey our passion for Ultimate to our campers through a fun, safe, and community-focused learning environment. Ultimate has a tight knit and welcoming community that continues to grow every year. The sport of Ultimate centers the camp but having FUN is at the forefront of the LUP experience. LUP is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in Ultimate. As of right now, Ultimate is a predominantly white sport, however through the LUP camps we aspire to bring diversity into the ultimate community.

Why should I go to Loppet Ultimate Camp?

  • Fun outside- and develop new skills with coaches who LOVE the sport
  • Get some exercise, improve quickness, speed, and jumping ability
  • Learn Basics of Forehand and Backhand throws
  • Learn the “Spirit of the Game” – why ultimate frisbee is unique among team sports
  • Make new friends and enjoy one of the most fun team sports!

Equipment Needed:

  • Cleats without metal spikes (soccer, baseball, or football cleats), if the player does not have cleats tennis/running shoes are the next best option
  • A Full Water Bottle 
  • A Light and Dark T-Shirt
  • Snacks and lunch

Minnesota Elite Ultimate Camp (MNEUC) is meant to reshape the ultimate community of Minnesota. The coaching staff is made up of elite ultimate players with years of experience and passion in developing the youth scene. For years North Carolina and Seattle have been powerhouses for young ultimate players. They are able to have and maintain this reputation because the best players in those states come back to coach the youth. Teaching them the ins and outs of what it looks like to be an elite ultimate player. The goal of MNEUC is to institute the same culture of really good players coming back to teach the youth in hopes that Minnesota becomes THE ultimate powerhouse. 

Loppet Ultimate Program

Registration and transaction fees are non-refundable, including in the event of delay, rescheduling, or cancellation of an event or program. An event or program registration is not transferable to another person or another event for any reason, including injury. Participating under another person's name will result in disqualification.

A Note About the Data We Collect

Proceeds from the Loppet Ultimate Program benefit the Loppet Foundation. Learn more about the Foundation's mission, vision, and values.