Loppet Ultimate Program

Opportunities For Youth 11-18 Years Old

Loppet Ultimate Summer Camps 2024!!

Hello! We are super excited to announce our camp’s dates for summer 2024!! As a program we are really proud of the reception of last year’s camps and are excited to add more weeks! Registration opens March 1st! We will have a Spring weekend clinic so you can meet the coaches- will be posted shortly.

Why Ultimate? 

Ultimate frisbee is an incredibly robust sport that entails a variety of skills that can all be advanced for as long as one plays. The ultimate community is extremely tight knit and fosters lifelong friendships. Given the sport’s self officiating rules sportsmanship is a top priority Ultimate attempts to instill into its players, also known as “Spirit of the Game” which fosters a culture of respect and conflict resolution skills.  

NEW this year- Star Flyer Sessions –  Additional Female Coaching staff

Star Flyer Sessions include additional female coaching staff.   These sessions are for Girls and Boys, but we are trying to concentrate the female registrations in the Star  Flyer sessions so that there’s a critical mass of girls in each of the 3 sessions..   Star Flyer session features the same training+ skills program,  but led by a skilled female coach. To add a personal touch, the head coach for these sessions will be Eva Fisher, a seasoned professional in the world of ultimate frisbee. The sessions are designed for those interested in mixed ultimate, showcasing Minnesota’s most successful division.

Ability Groups

Groups are organized by age and skill curriculum so that athletic ability and skill will be on an even playing field. Reach out to mobadillom@gmail.com for any requests for group crossover or any questions about groups.  NOTE:   all our sessions are co-ed, but we encourage girls to sign up for the Star Flyer Sessions if possible, so we can have a critical mass of girls in each of those sessions, and we’ll have additional female staff at the Star Flyer sessions. 

Beginners ages 8-11 and 12-14

The Ultimate rookies group focuses on the basic skills of throwing, catching, and essential rules of the game through lighthearted competition. A great group to make friends with a frisbee throughout the summer! 

Intermediate  ages 12-14

The Intermediate group is a good fit for anyone with some frisbee knowledge looking to progress in their throwing ability (hucks!) and develop familiarity with offensive and defensive strategies. Skills are learned through a medium amount  of drills accompanied with some lighthearted games and of course a plenty of scrimmaging.

Advanced ages 12-14, and 15-18

The advanced camp caters to those that have played in competitive settings before and want to elevate their game to have a larger impact on the field. This group looks to strengthen players’ ability to break marks, identify set plays, and develop healthy competitive mindsets. 

 Please reach out to Head Coach Mauricio Moorman if you have questions, mobadillom@gmail.com.

Financial Aid – discounts on camp registration

Yes, we can provide financial aid in the form of discounts on Loppet Ultimate Camps. Please reach out to Piotr Bednarski, Director of Sport. bednarski@loppet.org. We are eager to make Loppet programming accessible to all families!


June 17-21:  Beginners  8-11 ,  Bryn Mawr Meadows

June 24-28:  Beginners and Star Flyers (additional female staff)-  age 8-11  and 12-14,   Bryn Mawr Meadows Park 

July 8-12:  Beginners and Intermediate, age 12-14, Lake Nokomis

July 15-19:  Intermediate and Star Flyers (additional female staff) – age 12-14 and age 15-18, Lake Nokomis

July 22-26:   Advanced, age 12-14 and age 15-18,    Lake Nokomis 

August 19-23:  Scramble Week-   Intermediate and Advanced-  all ages  8-11, 12-14, 15-18.   Lake Nokomis

New – Pricing for your 2nd week of Camp- $200

This year we are encouraging athletes to really see some big improvements in their ultimate skills by signing up for 2 or more weeks of camp. The first week of camp is $300, your second week of LUP camp is $200.

What’s included in Camp?

1 Game Regulation Disc 

Custom LUP Tech Shirt

Experienced coaches

Fun & safety

Daily Camp Schedule

8:50am-9:00am: Drop off & Throwing

9:00am Session Begins

9:15: Stretching/dynamic warm-up

9:30: Throwing drills

10:00: Learning pull Plays (Advanced) or learning the lingo (Beginners) 

10:30 Offensive drill (Advanced) or offensive focused game (Beginners)

11:00: Defensive drill (Advanced) or defensive focused game (Beginners)

11:30: Strength and conditioning (Advanced) or Fun games with frisbees (Beginners)

11:45: Scrimmage

12:15: Lunch, Focused Throwing, and Beach! 

1:00pm: Pick up 

There will be consistent water breaks throughout the day and extra water breaks if it’s a hot day. There will always be coach supervision at the beach as well as on duty lifeguards.  

Locations: Camps Held at Bryn Mawr Meadows Park and Lake Nokomis playing fields- see specific weeks for details.

Equipment Needed:

  • Cleats without metal spikes (soccer, baseball, or football cleats), if the player does not have cleats tennis/running shoes are the next best option
  • A Light and Dark T-Shirt
  • Lunch & Snacks 
  • Swimsuit and Towel (Beginners and intermediate) 

Cleats are not absolutely necessary for campers but are highly encouraged for intermediate and advanced players. Water bottles will be very important for campers to bring as there will be a lot of physical activities. There will be a water cooler on site for campers to refill their bottles as needed. Swimsuits and towels will be needed for the Beginner/intermediate sessions as we plan on taking advantage of the beach that’s right across the street! Advanced campers will be notified a day before if we plan to go to the beach.

Minimum Group Size for Camps.

We will cancel camp sessions with less than 8 athletes registered .  There will be a full refund.    This is rare, but it does happen. 


This ultimate program is coached by the following players who have years of experience and are ready to help others develop their Ultimate skills:

  • Mauricio Badillo-Moorman: D1 Carleton Ultimate Team member, has been playing Ultimate Frisbee for the past 8 years, and was invited to tryout for the worlds Juniors team. 
  • Eva Fischer: A frisbee player for the past 7 years, Eva played in high school and for the Minnesota YCC club team before being invited to tryout for the World Juniors Team and the first ever Pro Women’s Minnesota Team.
  • Gunnar Mikko: A competitive Ultimate player for 7 years at the High School and Minnesota YCC club team member, Gunnar was also invited to participate in the World Juniors tryouts.
  • Aiden Lomen- A super star if there ever was one. Aiden was also a World Juniors team contender. Recently Aiden joined Minnesota’s elite open ultimate team Subzero and is Minnesota’s top contender for Rookie of the Year! Aiden specializes in making big plays and is excited to coach the upcoming generation.
  • Noah Hanson- A generational player who got a late start but does not play like it at all. Noah is a captain of Subzero who was invited to the highly selective 2023 Under-24 team USA tryout. Noah specializes in winners mentality and is excited to coach the future champions of Minnesota.

The Loppet Ultimate Program’s (LUP) mission is to provide equitable access for youth in the Twin Cities to learn the sport of Ultimate, connect with members of the Ultimate community, and be mentored by experienced Ultimate players. Through each week of camp, we hope to convey our passion for Ultimate to our campers through a fun, safe, and community-focused learning environment. Ultimate has a tight knit and welcoming community that continues to grow every year. The sport of Ultimate centers the camp but having FUN and inclusion is at the forefront of the LUP experience. LUP is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in Ultimate. As of right now, Ultimate is a predominantly white sport, however through the LUP camps and clinics we aspire to bring diversity into the ultimate community.

Why should I go to Loppet Ultimate Camp?

  • Fun outside, develop new skills with coaches who love the sport
  • Get some exercise, improve quickness, speed, jumping ability and overall athleticism
  • Campers get to take home a frisbee and a custom Loppet Ultimate tech shirt
  • Learn the “Spirit of the Game” – why ultimate frisbee is unique among team sports
  • Make new friends and join a very welcoming Ultimate community!

LUP is looking to strengthen the Minnesota ultimate youth scene. States with good ultimate programs are good because the best players in those states come back to coach the youth. That is what LUP is striving for, coaching the youth the ins and outs of what it looks like to play on the next level. LUP is looking to develop a culture of really good players (or campers) coming back to teach the youth what they’ve learned in hopes of turning Minnesota into an ultimate powerhouse!

SUMMER 2024 Registration

Loppet Ultimate Program

Registration and transaction fees are non-refundable, including in the event of delay, rescheduling, or cancellation of an event or program. An event or program registration is not transferable to another person or another event for any reason, including injury. Participating under another person's name will result in disqualification.

A Note About the Data We Collect

Proceeds from the Loppet Ultimate Program benefit the Loppet Foundation. Learn more about the Foundation's mission, vision, and values.


 Please reach out to Head Coach Mauricio Moorman if you have questions, mobadillom@gmail.com.

Refund Policy

The Loppet will issue a full refund of the program fee minus the original processing fee up until 4 weeks before the program starts.  Between 4 and 3 weeks from the program start date, a 50% refund will be issued. There are no refunds for any cancellations within less than 3 weeks of the start of a program.


We can provide program discounts for those in financial need. Please contact Piotr Bednarski, Loppet Sport Director at bednarski@loppet.org.