LNR Juniors

Cross-country ski training
for 14-18 year olds

The Junior Program of Loppet Nordic Racing strives to teach skiers how to improve both their ski technique and physical conditioning. While LNR Juniors is just beginning, the predecessors to the program have been around for years. Those predecessor programs have had great success – with kids finishing the program better prepared for ski season and with fresh enthusiasm for the sport.

LNR 2021 Program Goals

  1. To keep training varied, challenging, and having the opportunity to explore new places
  2. To make sure training in spring and summer is focused on making you a better all around athlete: coordination, speed, and running/movement mechanics
  3. To make sure that the environment at LNR is one that stresses being a good person, not just a good athlete. We will focus on working well in a group and members are expected to participate in a number of volunteer projects throughout the year.
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LNR Spring/Summer Training Informational Presentation

Please watch this short recorded presentation by LNR head coach Chris Harvey for an informational meeting on LNR’s program goals and training groups. This presentation is geared towards new or prospective skiers and their parents. The meeting was done over Zoom and was recorded on the link above.

LNR Presentation on Training Priorities for Spring

Please watch this short recorded presentation by Loppet Sport Director Piotr Bednarski on the key elements of Spring Training: How to wrap up your ski season and launch the next year of training in a smart way that will help you pursue your goals for Winter 2022! Presentation passcode: rUgL2!0c.

The presentation answers some of these questions:

  • For a 12-18 year old xc skier, what should your training goals be for Spring training?  
  • If you enjoy running track, cycling, or playing soccer or ultimate in the spring, how can you do these things and continue to improve your training as an xc skier?
  • How do you prepare for another spring sport without getting injured?
  • What should your do to wrap up your ski season in terms of analyzing your season and goal setting?
  • How long should you continue to ski?
  • Do you need to take time OFF from training right now? What does that look like?

Competition Team

The goal of the LNR Competition Team is prepare athletes ages 16-18 to compete at a national and international level. Training is based on a year round model, starting in the beginning of April. Comp team athletes have decided that skiing is their primary sport and are committed to attending training 4-6 times a week, keeping a training log, attending camps, and competing at the regional CXC Junior Cup races. There is room for Comp team athletes to participate in another sport or program but that sport should complement the year-round ski training and racing model.

Development Team

The goal of the LNR Development Team is to offer quality, instructional ski training for middle school and high school aged skiers. The Development Team is our former 3 day program and is still intended for skiers wishing to train 3 days a week with us in the summer. The 3 day a week plan allows skiers to participate in another program like summer running or a high school based ski program. In the summer, Devo team has 3 training sites at French Park in Plymouth, W. River Road in Minneapolis, and Hyland Park in Bloomington.

2021 LNR Juniors - Fall/Winter Programs and Camps
2021 LNR Juniors Year Round Teams

2021 LNR Spring Training (April – June)

LNR Development and Comp Team (same schedule). Devo Team 3-Day will be with the rest of the Devo Team on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

  • Mondays 3pm – 6:00pm @ The Trailhead: Running mechanics, games, strength in weight room.
  • Tuesdays 3:30pm @ The Trailhead: Road bike or MTB. Starting with approx 90 min, but will generally be 2 – 2.5hr rides. Tuesday workouts won’t start until late April.
  • Wednesdays 4pm @ The Trailhead: Running – mix of distance and intensity workouts.
  • Thursdays 3pm – 6:00pm @ The Trailhead: Running mechanics, games, strength in weight room.
  • Friday – Sunday: No organized practice. Recommended training will be given to athletes to complete on your own.

Skate Rollerskis

Classic Rollerskis

All of these skis can be purchased with two different wheel speeds, the No. 2 wheel is the standard/medium speed option and the No. 3 wheel is a slower option. The No. 2 wheel is a great training speed similar to the Marwe 6 wheel. The No. 3 wheel is closer in speed to the Marwe 7 wheel.

Loppet Nordic Racing prides itself on a coaching staff that have:

  1. Technical proficiency and are up to date in technique instruction and training methods.
  2. Personality traits that help motivate and engage athletes of all ages.
  3. A common method and language to coach skiing.
  4. Interest and motivation to train, race, and improve their own skiing.

Currently LNR has more USSA certified Level 100 coaches than any other ski club in the United States.

Loppet Nordic Racing Full-Time Coaches

Loppet Sport Director Piotr Bednarski and LNR Head Coach Chris Harvey head up the coaching team. Both are experienced high-level coaches.

Piotr Bednarski, Loppet Sport Director (bednarski@loppet.org): Piotr has served as the Loppet Nordic Racing Director since March of 2012, and he has coached at a high level for more than 25 years. He has coached at the college level, and he has coached nationally and internationally successful athletes. His Go!Training program has produced some of the region’s and country’s best skiers for years.


Chris Harvey, Loppet Nordic Racing Head Coach (harvey@loppet.org): Engineer turned full-time ski coach, Chris Harvey has been coaching junior skiers for over a decade. He skied and ran cross-country on the NCAA teams at Michigan Tech before becoming the Burnsville High School Head Nordic Ski Coach in 2010. In 2012, he began working with Loppet Nordic Racing Juniors, coaching them to Junior National championship wins and helping them earn spots on World Junior/U23 Championship and the U18 Nations Cup Trip teams. Chris Harvey has coached at a national and international level, having served as the U18 Nations Cup Trip leader in 2017 and having coached the Midwest’s Junior National Team since 2011 as both the Trip Leader and Midwest Team Head Coach in 2015 and 2016.