LNR Juniors

Development Team

The goal of the LNR Development Team is to offer quality, instructional ski training for middle school and high school aged skiers. The Development Team is our former 3 day program and is still intended for skiers wishing to train 3 days a week with us in the summer. The 3 day a week plan allows skiers to participate in another program like summer running or a HS based ski program.

2021 LNR Spring Training

LNR Development and Comp Team  (same schedule)

Starting April 12th runs 8 weeks through June 4th.

Mondays 3pm-6:00pm at The Trailhead.  Running mechanics, games, strength in weight room

Tuesdays 3:30pm @ The Trailhead.  Road bike or MTB .  starting with approx 90 min, but will generally be 2:00-2:30hr rides.   **note that Tuesday workouts won’t start till April 21st**

Wednesdays 4pm @ The Trailhead.  Running –  mix of distance and intensity workouts.

Thursdays 3pm-6:00pm at The Trailhead.  Running mechanics, games, strength in weight room

Friday – Sunday – no organized practice but recommended training to complete on your own.

2020 LNR Juniors Fall/Winter Programs
  1. To keep training varied, challenging, and having the opportunity to explore new places
  2. To make sure training in spring and summer is focused on making you a better all around athlete: coordination, speed, and running/movement mechanics
  3. To make sure that the environment at LNR is one that stresses being a good person, not just a good athlete. We will focus on working well in a group and members are expected to participate in a number of volunteer projects throughout the year.

New for 2020

Athletes must be enrolled in Summer LNR (Comp or Devo) in order to attend camps.  We do make exceptions if there is room and if the athlete is sufficiently prepared.  Please contact Piotr at bednarski@loppet.org for all Devo team questions. Please contact Chris Harvey at harvey@loppet.org for all Comp team questions.

  • May mini Camp: May 15th-16th; Hayward, WI
  • June Camp: Cancelled due to COVID19 pandemic
  • July Camp: July 13th – 17th; Ironwood, MI (5 days)
  • Thanksgiving On Snow Camp: November 23rd – 29th; Ironwood, MI
  • Winter Break Camp, Dec 27-Dec 31, location TBA

Fall 2020- Late Start Oct 19-Nov 19

Athletes can register for Devo Team training, Oct 19- Nov 19. Training sessions are primarily at the Trailhead in Theodore Wirth Park at 3:45pm-6pm. See registration button above. A typical training week looks like this:

  • Monday- Trailhead, running mechanics, game, and strength
  • Tuesday- Wirth Beach, running or bounding intensity or distance
  • Wednesday- Trailhead, rollerski distance
  • Thursday- Trailhead- rollerski intensity
  • Friday- Trailhead- short rollerski, game, strength
  • Saturday- Long distance rollerskis and/or run

**Price reduction is available for those with financial need. Please contact Piotr Bednarski at bednarski@loppet.org**