LNR Juniors

Wax Support & Late-Winter Training

The CXC Junior Cup events are very competitive races with many clubs and teams from Minnesota and Wisconsin competing for spots on the Midwest Junior National team. LNR has a dedicated and professional wax staff at every CXC Junior Cup event to provide race support and test/apply race wax.

The LNR race and wax support fee covers waxing at all CXC Junior Cup event weekends, as well as training sessions once the high school season is over. This fee supports the travel expenses for LNR coaches and wax used at the races, as well as covering coaching expenses for mid Feb – early March. *Note that we will not pro-rate the fee if you do not attend all the CXC Junior Cup events*

At the CXC Junior Cup events, we will have a LNR team meeting the night before the races and will generally ski the courses as a group. We will go over race tactics for the event and make sure your skis are well prepared. All skis at a minimum receive a topcoat, any necessary structure, and race kickwax or klister. When possible we will also help with base waxing. Please give your skis to the coaches at the race venue by 6pm the night before each race with kick zones cleaned, your name and age category clearly marked, and marked kick zones.

Here is a link to the CXC Junior Cup events schedule and qualifying criteria: CXC Junior Cup Schedule and Criteria

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LNR will run Junior Training will run 3-6 days per week in preparation for the Junior National Championships and the U16 NENSA Trip.

LNR Uniforms are required for athletes competing at CXC Junior Cup events with Loppet Nordic Racing. A team storefront link will be sent to all participants in the fall.

Note that there are different uniforms, jackets, and warm-up pants for men and women. Please review Podiumwear’s sizing chart carefully prior to ordering.

We are a club team, not a waxing service. As a large club we only have capacity to support skiers that participate in our training programs and are part of our club. This means you need to have participated in any of LNR’s spring, summer, or fall training offerings to be eligible to sign up for race support.