Adult Strength for Endurance Athletes

The Adult Strength for Endurance Athletes program will primarily focus on building a solid base for nordic skiing, running, and other endurance sports by utilizing body weight movements, barbells, free weights, and plyometrics. Participants will learn to use correct technique for movements through hands on instruction. Also, a large focus for the sessions will be mobility and movement mechanics.

This will be a beneficial course to improve your overall performance for endurance sports, whether you are new to strength or have been doing it for years.

Location: In-person at The Trailhead Studio in Theodore Wirth Park.

Coaches: Cara Battles, Kathleen Crawford, Ingrid Thyr, BethAnn Chamberlin and Piotr Bednarski

Winter 2022-2023 – Strength Sessions- Trailhead Studio and Turf

Winter groups run 10 weeks

Mondays 6:30am-7:45am, November 28th – Feb 13th (no group Dec 26th) Coach Kathleen Crawford,

Thursdays 6:30am-7:45am, December 1st – Feb 9th Coach Kathleen Crawford,

Fall Adult Strength for Endurance Athletes