Adult Strength for Endurance Athletes

The Adult Strength for Endurance Athletes program will primarily focus on building a solid base for nordic skiing, running, and other endurance sports by utilizing body weight movements, barbells, free weights, and plyometrics. Participants will learn to use correct technique for movements through hands on instruction. Also, a large focus for the sessions will be mobility and movement mechanics.

This will be a beneficial course to improve your overall performance for endurance sports, whether you are new to strength or have been doing it for years.

Location: In-person at The Trailhead Studio in Theodore Wirth Park.

Coaches: Cara Battles, BethAnn Chamberlain, Jake Stiele, Piotr Bednarski, Dan Luoma, Michael Szymanski and Eduardo Arteaga

Summer 2024 Trailhead Strength Sessions

Groups run 8 weeks, starting week of June 24 thru week of August 19th

Location: Trailhead Studio and Turf, most of the training is outdoors, and there’s a discount if you sign up for multiple days: $170 for 1 session/week, $270 for 2 session/week, $370 for 3 session/week

  • Monday- 6:30am-7:45am.   Coach Michael Symanski,
  • Monday- 6:15pm-7:30pm.   Coach Cara Battles and Regan Duffy ,
  • Tuesday- 6:30am-7:45am. Coach Dan Luoma,
  • Tuesday- 6:00pm-7:15pm. Coach Michael Symanski,
  • Wednesday- 6:30am-7:45am. Coach BethAnn Chamberlain,
  • NEW– Beginner STRENGTH- Wednesday- 6:00pm-7:15pm. Coach Eduardo Arteaga,
  • Thursday- 6:30am-7:45am. Coach Cara Battles,
  • Thursday- 6:15pm-7:30pm. Coach Michael Symanski,
  • NEW- Advanced/High Intensity Strength and Power- Friday- 7:00am-8:15am, Coach Michael Symanski,
  • Saturdays- 8:00am-9:15am. Coach Eduardo Arteaga,

NEW for this Year: Advanced and Beginner Groups

  1. Advanced Strength with High Intensity Component. Fridays, 7am- 8:15am. This Session will begin with a general strength preparation, but will add in a high intensity component of stairs, ski erg, bounding, and other plyometric and power oriented exercises. Previous weight training experience required. Runs 8 weeks, FRIDAYS, 7am-8:15am. Coach Michael Symanski. (note, its expected that you will complete at least 10-15 min of aerobic warm up before 7am).
  2. Introduction to Strength Training- Beginner Level. Wednesdays, 6:00pm-7:15pm. This Session is for those that have little or no background in strength training. Coach Eduardo will take you through the basics of strength training techniques, mobility, and simple plyometrics. Training will include both technical instruction, and a progressively more difficult training load over the 8 weeks.
Strength for Endurance Athletes