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Gung-Ho Beginner Racers: Classic

Theodore Wirth Park
Wednesday Mornings

Gung-Ho Beginners Classic will tackle new elements of classic technique every week. It is expected that these athletes are in good physical condition and are therefore work on technique and tackle some significant ski specific training each week. Part of every workout will will be dedicated to improving endurance and ski specific strength. This group is specifically for those that have little ski experience, but are strong runners, bikers, triathletes, swimmers, etc. The goal is to jump start your cross-country ski racing career, and get you to your first few races quickly.

This is a “learning to race” class, so some very basic skiing experience is needed, and for this group its expected that all athletes have a moderate to high level of physical fitness is required. If you are looking for a beginning classic ski class that is not oriented to racing, you can check out the LNR Adult Skills Clinics or Loppet Ski Club.

Dates: December 29th – Feb 28th

Day: Wednesday Mornings
Time: 7:00 – 8:30 a.m.
Location: Theodore Wirth Park, The Trailhead
Equipment Classic Ski Equipment
Coach: Ingrid Remark, imremak@gmail.com
Program: Emphasis on technique learning. Each session will also include a training component to help quickly improve your technique and ski specific fitness.

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