LNR Adults

Training Programs Designed for Anyone 20+ Years Old Interested in Ski Racing

Loppet Nordic Racing for adults is designed for anyone 20 years of age and older who is interested in improving their ski technique, skiing physical fitness, and learning the finer points of xc ski RACING.   LNR Adult training groups are designed to prepare adult athletes for winter race events- whether it your very first 5km, or if you are working to qualify for the Elite wave at the Loppet or Birkie!

If you are not interested in racing but are looking for more of a recreational ski group experience, we recommend you look into joining the Loppet Ski Club. If you are a beginner skier or are looking for more instruction, we recommend taking Group or Private ski lessons through our Loppet Ski School.


Dryland Training Groups- XC Ski Training – running, bounding, and technique- runs 10 weeks

  • Fall Dryland at Wirth – Theodore Wirth Park, Tuesday Evenings
  • Women’s Fall Dryland Training Group – Theodore Wirth Park, Wednesday Mornings
  • Fall Dryland at Minnehaha Falls– Wabun Picnic Area- Friday Mornings,
    • This dryland training group is for people interested in fun and fast paced, xc ski fitness training.  We’ll do a combination of hill bounding, stair running, plyometrics, strength and active stretching.   Workouts will focus on strengthening ski specific muscles, balance/stability and technique – but skiers and nonskiers alike will benefit from these sessions.
    • Day: Friday mornings, runs 10 weeks, September 6-Nov 8
    • Time: 7:00-8:15am
    • Location: Wabun Park (near Minnehaha Falls)
    • Equipment: classic length ski poles
    • Coach: Ingrid Remak, contact email imremak@gmail.com
    • Cost: $190
    • Register HERE

Rollerski Groups- groups run 9 weeks

  • Fall Intermediate Rollerski – East Bush Lake Park, Tuesday Mornings
  • Fall Wave 1 Rollerski – Annie Young Meadow Park, W. River Rd, Thursday Mornings
  • Fall Intermediate Rollerski – Annie Young Meadow Park, W. River Rd, Thursday Evenings

Studio Classes- Strength and Yoga- run 12 weeks

  • Adult Strength for Endurance Athletes. – 11 different sessions available, Trailhead Studio/Turf
  • Adult Yoga for Endurance Athletes– Wednesdays at Noon, Trailhead Great Room
  • Ski Lab– 12 week deep dive into Ski Technique, Balance, Posture and Strength Training
    • Trailhead Studio, meets Friday mornings, 7:00 am-8:30am
    • best for skiers at an Intermediate to advanced skill level
    • we make use of SkiErg, free weights, and balance challenges
    • high anaerobic and strength load during training sessions
    • contact Piotr Bednarski at bednarski@loppet.org with questions
LNR Adults Fall Programs

Refund Policy

The Loppet will issue a full refund of the program fee minus the original processing fee up until 4 weeks before the program starts.  Between 4 and 3 weeks from the program start date, a 50% refund will be issued. There are no refunds for any cancellations within less than 3 weeks of the start of a program.

Strength Classes- 8 weeks, week of June 24th thru week of August 19th

NOTE– Your can still register for summer groups once they have begun- contact bednarski@loppet.org for info about pro-rated registration.

Strength for Endurance Athletes– Summer Sessions:

  • Monday- 6:30am-7:45am.   Coach Michael Symanski, michael.q.symanski@gmail.com
  • Monday- 6:15pm-7:30pm.   Coach Cara Battles and Regan Duffy , battles12@gmail.com
  • Tuesday- 6:30am-7:45am. Coach Dan Luoma, luom0033@umn.edu
  • Tuesday- 6:00pm-7:15pm. Coach Michael Symanski, michael.q.symanski@gmail.com
  • Wednesday- 6:30am-7:45am. Coach BethAnn Chamberlain, bethann.chamberlain@gmail.com
  • NEW– Beginner STRENGTH- Wednesday- 6:00pm-7:15pm. Coach Eduardo Arteaga, arteagae@gmail.com
  • Thursday- 6:30am-7:45am. Coach Cara Battles, battles12@gmail.com
  • Thursday- 6:15pm-7:30pm. Coach Michael Symanski, michael.q.symanski@gmail.com
  • NEW- Advanced/High Intensity Strength and Power- Friday- 7:00am-8:15am, Coach Michael Symanski, michael.q.symanski@gmail.com
  • Saturdays- 8:00am-9:15am. Coach Eduardo Arteaga, arteagae@gmail.com
  • Discount if you sign up for multiple days: $170 for 1 session/week, $270 for 2 session/week, $370 for 3 session/week

Tuesday and Friday Mornings with Coach Ingrid Remak – Wabun/Minnehaha Falls

Strength and Mobility on Tuesdays. Intensity and Plyometrics on Fridays

This dryland training group is for people interested in fun and fast paced summer fitness training.  We’ll do a combination of hill bounding, stair running, plyometrics, strength and active stretching.   Workouts will focus on strengthening ski specific muscles, balance/stability and technique – but skiers and nonskiers alike will benefit from these sessions.

  • Tuesdays, 6:30am-7:30am- focus on Strength and Mobility
  • Fridays, 6:30am-7:45am- focus on Intensity and Plyometrics
  • Runs 10 weeks: Tuesday May 21st and ends Friday Aug 2nd (no practice the week of July 4th)
  • Meets at Wabun Picnic Area– these are outdoors sessions- rain or shine 🙂
  • group workouts that are great for all abilities
  • can sign up for one day $195, or both days, $295
  • Coach Ingrid Remak, imremak@gmail.com

Rollerski Groups

  • Intermediate Rollerskiing– Thursdays at 7am, West Bush Lake Beach, Bloomington
  • with Coach Mary McKelvey, mkmckelvey44@gmail.com
  • 8 weeks, runs May 16- June 27

Women’s Groups

Summer Adult Programs

Studio Classes- Strength For Endurance Athletes and Yoga

Women’s Groups

Spring Adult Programs

Intro Clinics- Programs for Novices-

Intermediate Training Programs

Intermediate+ Training Programs

Expert Training Groups

Studio Classes

Register Early! In order to organize the clubs and provide for the right coaching, LNR generally has a lower cost early-registration fee. Register early to receive a lower price and to help LNR make a better experience for the participants.

LNR Adults Winter Programs (Theodore Wirth Groups)
LNR Adults Winter Programs (Battle Creek Groups)
LNR Adults Winter Programs (Hyland Park Groups)
LNR Adults Winter Two-Week Skills Clinics

Proceeds from the Loppet Nordic Racing Programs benefit the Loppet Foundation. Learn more about the Foundation's mission, vision, and values.

Participants can always register after the session starts if there is enough room in the group.

Due to the extremely physically demanding nature of the programs listed below, they are not open to the public. Participants in these elite-level training groups are offered invitation based on superior results in popular ski races during previous season. Contact the individuals listed below if you would like to be considered.

Loppet Nordic Racing prides itself on a coaching staff that have:

  1. Technical proficiency and are up to date in technique instruction and training methods.
  2. Personality traits that help motivate and engage athletes of all ages.
  3. A common method and language to coach skiing.
  4. Interest and motivation to train, race, and improve their own skiing.

Currently LNR has more USSA certified Level 100 coaches than any other ski club in the United States.

Loppet Nordic Racing Full-Time Coaches

Loppet Nordic Racing Director Piotr Bednarski and Head Coach Chris Harvey head up the coaching team. Both are experienced high-level coaches.

Piotr Bednarski, Loppet Sport and Trail Director (bednarski@loppet.org): Piotr has served as the Loppet Nordic Racing Director since March of 2012, and he has been coaching cross country skiers at a national and international level for 30 years. He worked as the Jr National Team Coach and Director of Athletes Development for the US Biathlon, before starting LNR in 2012. Currently Piotr coaches Adults and the LNR Devo Team.


Chris Harvey, Loppet Nordic Racing, Program Director (harvey@loppet.org): Engineer turned full-time ski coach, Chris Harvey has been coaching junior skiers for over a decade. He skied and ran cross-country on the NCAA teams at Michigan Tech before becoming the Burnsville High School Head Nordic Ski Coach in 2010. In 2012, he began working with Loppet Nordic Racing Juniors, coaching them to Junior National championship wins and helping them earn spots on World Junior/U23 Championship and the U18 Nations Cup Trip teams. Chris Harvey has coached at a national and international level, having served as the U18 Nations Cup Trip leader in 2017 and having coached the Midwest’s Junior National Team since 2011 as both the Trip Leader and Midwest Team Head Coach in 2015 and 2016.