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Fast Running in the Minneapolis Area

Loppet Run 365 Adult program is designed for goal oriented runners from beginners to the highly competitive level. The program will accommodate the individual needs and goals. The Run 365 programs will offer sessions for the beginner to advanced runners.

Loppet Run 365 Adult Running (Somali language)

This program is focused on building endurance, improving running mechanics and flexibility. Beginner to Intermediate level of experience. Training advice will be provided for days the group is not meeting. Coached by Abdi Bile- this group will be a Somali language group.

  • Fridays 6:00pm and Sundays 9:00am
  • Summer Session: June 19- Aug 16 , cost $240
  • Fall Session : Aug 21- Oct 18, cost $240
  • Summer + Fall: June 19-Oct 18, cost $320
  • Trailhead and other locations
  • email Abdi Bile with questions :
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Loppet Run 365 Adult Race:

For the intermediate to advanced runner focused on 5km-25km road and trail racing. This program is for the individual who wants to improve race times and their running mechanics, and learn strategies to stay injury free. Training will include distance and interval sessions.

  • Wednesdays 6:00pm and Saturdays at 8:00am
  • Initial meetings at Trailhead, but location will vary
  • Summer Session : June 24- Aug 19 cost $240*** see note below
  • Trailhead and other locations
  • email Abdi Bile with questions :
  • ***you can join this group anytime- we will pro-rate the registration fee. This group will start back up after a short break in late Aug***
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Abdi Bile, Loppet Running Director

Along with an incredibly successful running career, Bile has made a name for himself over the years as a highly knowledgeable running coach. His distinguished career includes coaching as the National Head Coach of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, the Senior Endurance Coach as Aspire Academy, and the Junior National Team Coach of Qatar. Bile was also the Co-Founder and Head Coach of the Savannah International Training Center in the United States, sponsored by the International Olympic Solidarity Program.

Bile has made it his personal mission to mentor and inspire youth to enjoy sports and a variety of outdoor activities, aligning well with the Loppet Foundation’s mission to create a shared passion for year-round outdoor adventure in the Minneapolis area.

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