Our Commitments

Loppet Environmental Action Project (LEAP)

LEAP’s aim is to ensure that the Loppet Foundation has a positive impact on our community and world by minimizing emissions and waste while practicing and advocating for a culture of responsible stewardship of our natural resources.

Led by a collaborative group of Loppet staff and volunteers, LEAP will contribute a critical lens over the broader organization to evaluate our current standards, and create actions to improve and ultimately be a leader in sustainable, nature-forward practices.  

LEAP has created four different big picture categories that members can serve on and specialize in: 

  • Energy/Infrastructure
  • Waste 
  • Land use: Air/Soil/Water/Native Species 
  • Culture and Education 

To get connected to the work of LEAP please contact claire@loppet.org

LEAP Year-End Updates: 

  • New partnership with carbon offset partner Green Minneapolis, with a special focus on planting and maintaining trees in Theodore Wirth Park
  • Upcoming solar panel installation at the Trailhead
  • Reserved upcoming spot in Join Solar’s community solar garden
  • Currently applying for grants to fund a formalized plan to lower emissions (to build on the informal plan an internal working team has started to draft)
  • See PDF here to learn about Land Use updates
  • Hosted first ever Sustainability Fair in April 2023 and starting to plan again for our next fair in 2024
  • World Cup – All food vendors we partner with have to ensure all their materials used or handed out to spectators can be recycled or composted
  • World Cup – The Vanella Group will be on site to ensure the waste is sorted into the appropriate trash, recycle, or compost containers

The Green Team is a critical part of the Events Team. The Team is composed of volunteers and led by our events staff.   The main duties of green team members at events include setting up waste bins, monitoring recycle and compost bins to ensure proper disposal, and switching out bags when needed.

“It’s not a glamorous job, but it’s very important to keep the waste sorted otherwise it all turns into trash.” Bryan Soto – Events Operations Manager 

To get connected to the Green Team contact soto@loppet.org

The Loppet Foundation is committed to using all of our spaces to benefit our neighboring community. The Loppet has recently added a staff position dedicated to community partnerships and engagement and is actively working to strengthen and deepen ties to existing and new partners.  

Learn more about our community partners here and how to connect with The Trailhead here.