Loppet Trails & Recreation

Snowshoeing & Winter Hiking

Enjoy Our Natural Areas at a slower pace

Start your snowshoe and winter hiking adventures on the trails right outside The Trailhead! Please exercise caution on all multi-use trails, as there may be fat-tire bikers using the trails with high speed.

Hikers and Snowshoers are prohibited from the All-Access/Snowmaking North Wirth Ski Trails.

Winter hiking is allowed on paved trails that are plowed along the parkway and on specifically maintained winter hiking trails.

MORC (Minnesota Off Road Cyclists) managed multi-use trails are available to hikers, snowshoers, and bikers. For current information, check out their Trail Conditions and Maps or download the “MORC Trails” app.

Hiking on Loppet-maintained single-track trails (Area 36, Conundrum, 45 North) is only permitted when wearing snowshoes. This is to preserve the trail for fat-tire biking.

Snowshoers can enjoy trekking on Loppet-managed, multi-use/fat-tire biking single-track trails and designated hiking trails throughout Theodore Wirth Park.

Snowshoers can also use MORC (Minnesota Off Road Cyclists) managed multi-use trails in the park. For current MORC information, check out their Trail Conditions and Maps or download the “MORC Trails” app.

Snowshoers and hikers are prohibited from using groomed ski trails, except for the following Natural Ski Trails:

Please always move with traffic and be sure to stick to the left of the trail when on designated ski trails, DO NOT walk on the classic ski track (the two parallel lines on the right side of the trail). Use caution when on the ski trails, as skiers have the right of way and may approach from behind with speed.

Dogs are allowed on any NATURAL SNOW ski trail that allows snowshoeing/winter hiking at Theodore Wirth Park, the Chain of Lakes, Columbia Golf Course, and Hiawatha Golf Course.

Your dog must be leashed at all times and stay to the left side of the trail. Pet owners are required to clean up after their pets at all times, and will be responsible for the actions of their pets.

Snowshoe rentals are available at The Trailhead. Visit our Equipment Rentals webpage for more information.