South Wirth Park Ski Trails

South Wirth Park includes 10 kilometers, or about 6 miles, of groomed trail, with a mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced trails.

Natural Snow Trail Descriptions:

JD Rivers Loop: 1.75 kilometers of gently rolling terrain near Bassett Creek and Wirth Lake.

Wirth Lake Loop: 2.2 kilometers of generally flat/beginner trails that circumnavigate Wirth Lake and Jar Hill on the west side of the lake.

Anwatin Loop: 2.5 kilometers of hilly terrain, these trails are both beautiful and Most Difficult.

Picnic Pavilion Loop: 1.2 kilometers

Quaking Bog Trail: 0.5 kilometers of hilly intermediate to advanced terrain, this is one of the most beautiful sections of trail in Minneapolis.

Wedding Hill Trail: 0.7 kilometers

Norm Oakvik Trail: 1.7 kilometers

Erickson Trail: 0.9 kilometers

394 Ski Trail: 0.7 kilometers – This trail connects the hilly terrain of the Quaking Bog area with the flatter Chain of Lakes Regional Park. The trail is unique in that skiers cross Interstate 394.


South Wirth Park Trail Map PDF