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The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board and the Loppet Foundation partner on the delivery of cross-country skiing to the public. There are a number of cross-country skiing opportunities in Minneapolis – with both skate style skiing and classical available, depending upon conditions. A trail pass is required. Purchase trail passes online here or in-person during open hours at our winter building locations.

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Ski with your dog. Skijoring is a sport that is growing in popularity. Skijoring is allowed on the Skyline Trail, Tornado Alley, JD Rivers Trail, Bridge Trail and Wirth Lake Trail in Theodore Wirth Regional Park.


Because it is too dangerous for the skijorers and for the general public to have skijoring on trails with hills and blind corners, skijoring is NOT ALLOWED except on designated skijoring trails. Dogs are allowed on skijoring trails only. Like any other pet owner, skijorers are required to clean up after their pets at all times.

The Loppet Foundation encourages group activities, but group activity on the trail can create a burden on the capacity of the trail, limiting the enjoyment of other skiers. The Foundation’s philosophy is not to limit the number of skiers on the trails, but to ensure that skiers are following the rules of the trails so that we can accommodate more skiers. With this goal in mind, it is a requirement that any lessons or groups consisting of 6 skiers or larger are required to apply for a group permit.

Group Trail Use & Youth and Student Group Discounts

  • Every skier and group leader is required to purchase a trail pass and have it visible at all times while on the MPRB trail system. Loppet staff, ambassadors, and security will be checking for trail passes.
  • Discounts are available. Email permits@loppet.org for more information.
  • All buses will drop off in the Wirth Chalet parking lot. A Bus Loading & Unloading Map is available to give to bus drivers. This year, buses are allowed to remain in the parking lots at Wirth to provide warming space for skiers.
  • Skis are not allowed inside The Trailhead. Waxing is not allowed inside The Trailhead.
  • All groups need to complete a Permit and in doing so agree to understand and abide by the requirements explained within.