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TRAIL KIDS Summer Recap

It’s hard to believe that it’s already August! This TRAIL KIDS season has sure been a bustling one. Since April, we’ve had over 1,300 kids take part in our mountain biking and run/orienteering programs and the season isn’t over yet! 

The season has seen quite a few changes, from the retirement of our long-term TRAIL KIDS Program Director Kim Rudd, to adding an additional satellite location, to several additional weeks of Summer Camp!

One challenge that we wrestled with this summer was a season of wild and unpredictable weather conditions!

Our coaches did a great job of keeping kids engaged when we couldn’t get out on the trails, teaching our participants about the importance of hydration when being active in hot conditions, and allowed us all to spend more time getting to know each other than we usually have while riding or running around. 

When it rains, we get to spend more time working on specific skills, get to enjoy longer destination rides on paved paths, and get in some team-building activities and games. When those higher temps bear down on us, we draw out our sweet, cool watermelon and lemonade breaks, and play in the sprinklers to beat the heat. 

One great element of the Trail Kids programs is that we get real opportunities to show kids that you don’t have to wait for ideal conditions to have a great time outside. Whenever we’re able, you can count on us to be out here proving that outdoor adventure can take place rain or shine, cool or hot!