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Adventure and Welcome Center Request for Proposal Opportunities

This is an exciting time for the Loppet Foundation, the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (MPRB), and for the community! The public-private partnership between the Loppet Foundation and the MPRB is being solidified with agreements currently in progress to further the MPRB’s Master Plan for Theodore Wirth Regional Park by establishing a new Adventure and Welcome Center (now called The Trailhead) in the park. Wirth Park is a cornerstone of the Minneapolis park system and we are excited to offer opportunities within the development of the building to expand the amenities of the park. This will include a Bike and Ski shop, a Cafe, and a Health Kiosk, as well as an adjacent area outside for a Terrain Park. Listed below are links to Request for Proposals for each of these opportunities.

Pending final approval of the project by the MPRB, we expect to begin construction on the facility in early September, with the ability of build-out work to begin in January. Assuming this schedule, we anticipate an opening in late winter.

To ensure that information is dispersed equitably, questions will be accepted and posted on the website, along with our response. Please address your questions to


Cafe Concession Operator

Terrain Park Concession Operator

Bike & Ski Shop Conession Operator

Health Care Provider Concession Operator

Questions & Answers

This section will be updated with our responses to questions as they are received.

Is the $150,000 capital contribution for the cafe space in addition to the buildout cost?
Yes, the expectation is that the concessionaires will play a significant role in the capital plan for the construction of the entire building.

Is there a dog park planned for the park?
Yes, a dog park is part of the Master Plan for Theodore Wirth Regional Park.

What about live music at the venue?
We definitely would like to see live music at the venue and this was discussed during the design development of the building and site.

Is there flexibility with the design of where the ordering window is within the cafe space?
Yes, the construction process should begin in September, and we should have some flexibility to have your input in the design.

Is there any venting in the design of the cafe space?
Not at this time. Again, the timing should allow us to have your input in the design of the cafe space before construction begins.