Girls Rock Fall Mountain Bike Program

The Loppet TRAIL KIDS Girls Rock Fall Mountain Bike Program desires to bring together girls ages 7 to 13 for a four week session to learn mountain bike skills.  Youth ages 13 – 18 can start the Junior Loppet Cycle works program. For more information on this program click here: LCW.

This 6-week program will focus on mountain biking skills for the beginner to advanced ability. Girls Rock was designed specifically for the purpose of allowing girls to feel more comfortable learning mountain bike skills with the same gender. TRAIL KIDS also offers mixed gender mountain bike program at Wirth, Lebanon Hills and Elm Creek. The focus of the Girls Rock mountain bike program is to have fun, meet new friends and build confidence riding the single track trails at Wirth Park. This session welcomes the beginner to advanced mountain biker. Non-binary and trans youth are welcome to join any group in which they feel most comfortable. Youth ages 13 – 18 can start the Loppet Cycle Works Juniors program.

What can your child expect at a TRAIL KIDS Mountain Bike Program? Click following video clip and learn more: TRAIL KIDS Mountain Bike News Video

Mountain Bike Skills and Ability Levels

During practice sessions, youth will be coached by trained Loppet coaches on a variety of mountain bike skills so they can become safe and confident riders. Fundamental Skills include:

  • Ready/neutral position for descending hills
  • Side/Side bike body separation
  • Pedaling/shifting efficiently
  • Controlling speed and braking safely
  • Cornering confidently
  • Handling obstacles and rocky terrain
  • Riding with vision
  • Ratcheting

Participants will be tested at the end of the session on different bike skills and will be able to move up in levels if they progress through additional sessions throughout the season. For a full description of our mountain bike skill level progression click here: TRAIL KIDS MTB Skill Level Guide

  • Equipment Needed: Participants will need their own mountain bike, helmet, and water bottle carrier to participate. We only provide mountain bike rentals for our beginner Wirth clinics. Bikes need to have front and back wheel brakes on the handle bars ( no peddle brakes or kickstands allowed). Tires must have tread and be wide enough to ride safely on mountain bike trails. For more on mountain bike equipment click here: TRAIL KIDS MTB Equipment Guide
  • Ages/Ability: Ages 7 – 13, beginner to advanced abilities welcome (we split into different coaching groups based on ability, fitness, age and friend request( friends who are different riding abilities may not be placed together). We do not have programs for kids 6 and under so please do not register them until they turn seven years old. If your child has good biking skills and is mature enough we may consider them to start early. Contact program director for questions at email below.
  • Contact: For more information or questions about our summer programs contact program director at:
  • TRAIL KIDS Adventure Mountain Bike Series: Youth will get a chance to participate in one of the adventure mountain bike races that are offered as part of our TRAIL KIDS program. The races will occur before the TRAIL KIDS programs on Wednesday evenings as part of our WOW ( Wirth on Wednesday) mountain bike summer race series at the Trailhead. Note that these races are option and TRAIL KIDS who are beginner riders or do not want to race can opt out of these events. For more information on the mountain bike series go to: Summer Adventure Mountain Bike Series

Registration Guide

Registration based on ability: All TRAIL KIDS who attend the program must be able to ride their bikes safely on paved paths. When registering your child make sure to indicate their ability level as described in link below: Mountain Bike Ability Registration Guide