Beginner Cross Country Ski Trails

Wirth All-Access Trails:

Green Meadow Loop:
Our new loop includes 2.1 kilometers of snowmaking trails with two easier climbs and descents to practice your skills.

Wirth Natural Snow Trails:

Bridge Trail:
1.1 kilometers

Skyline Trail:
2.3 kilometers of easier skiing with a view of downtown Minneapolis

Tornado Alley Trail:
1.1 kilometer of easy/flat trail connecting to the South Wirth Trails

JD Rivers Trail:
1.75 kilometers of gently rolling terrain near Bassett Creek and Wirth Lake

Wirth Lake Trail:
2.2 kilometers of generally flat/beginner trails that circumnavigate Wirth Lake and Jar Hill on the west side of the lake.

Chain of Lakes Regional Park

Brownie Lake Trail: This 1 kilometer trail circumnavigates Brownie Lake and connects to Cedar Lake through the Brownie Tunnel

Cedar Lake and Cedar Lake Park Trails: These 3.2 kilometer and 1.9 kilometer trails are generally flat/beginner level, with great views of the downtown skyline and the neighborhoods around the lake.

Kenilworth Trail: This 0.7 kilometer long man made channel connects Cedar Lake and Lake of the Isles with views of historic homes along the way.

Lake of the Isles/Luminary Trail: This trail follows the same path as the famous Luminary Loppet. It is about 3.5 kilometers in length and completely flat.

Columbia Golf Course

The Columbia Golf Course trail winds around the golf course for 3.5 kilometers and is generally beginner to intermediate in difficulty.

Hiawatha Regional Park

The Hiawatha Trail runs 4.1 kilometers with rolling hills and is generally beginner to intermediate.


Chain of Lakes Regional Park Ski Trail Map


Hiawatha Regional Park Trail Map PDF

Columbia Winter Trail Map

Columbia Golf Course Ski Trail Map PDF