Winter Equipment & Program Guide

Waxing Guide

  • Classic Kick Wax: We suggest investing in a small kick wax kit that includes 4 basic waxes that you can use for cold to warm temps. Coaches will provide kick wax at practice but if kids can try to come with kick wax on ahead of time it is much appreciated. Beginner skiers are encouraged to use Skintec nonwax skis.
  • Glide Wax: Both skate and classic skis need to be glide waxed at least every two weeks to keep the bases moist. You can invest in three basic glide waxes for cold to warm conditions, scrapers, iron and wax bench for home use. Most stores will glide wax your ski’s for a nominal fee so this is a great option if you do not want to invest in all the equipment. All Skiwerx, CXC Youth Cup and TRAIL KIDS Super Ski Race Series will not allow any fluoro waxes.
  • Gear West Wax Service for TRAIL KIDS
  • Pioneer Midwest Free Public Waxing Stations
  • Basic Waxing Video 
  • Basic Gluide Wax video
  • Basic Kick Wax Video

Local Ski shops and Upcoming Ski Swaps

Upcoming Fall Ski Swaps:

Local Ski Shop Team Fitting/Wax Clinic Events