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Junior Loppet Kids Finish the Tri-Loppet


Photos: f/go

It has become tradition for the Anwatin and Nellie Stone Johnson team kids to participate in the UCare Tri-Loppet as a part of their year-round training program, and this year we had our best showing yet! 20 middle school athletes pulled off the triathlon, some for their first time, some for their second or even a few who raced for their third time. This year was Quinlan Brogdon’s 3rd Tri-Loppet. In 2013, he raced in 3 hours and 9 minutes. In 2014, he improved to 2:38. This year, he knocked off over half an hour to finish in 2:02:01. If he keeps this trend up he’ll be competing with Matt Liebsch!

Special thanks to our paddle partners who raced the canoe section with our middle schoolers and in some cases, the whole event! Their encouragement and teamwork spurred the kids through the race. Both partners and kids were in awe of how fast their partners were and others requested their partners again for next year. This race typically takes kids between two and three hours and is the longest single event that we engage the kids in during the year. The variety of events and festive atmosphere continues to make the Tri-Loppet a highlight and something talked about year-round.

See you at the Surly Trail Loppet!