July 17 - 20, 2020

Tri-Loppet & Du-Loppet

Semi-Virtual Off Road Triathlon
Paddle + Trail Run + Mountain Bike

Combining paddling, trail running, and mountain biking, the Tri-Loppet & Du-Loppet is all that is Minnesota distilled into one athletic event. Connecting the waters of Minneapolis’ Chain of Lakes with the forests and prairie of Theodore Wirth Park, the event has earned a reputation as both a challenge for the region’s multi-sport elite and an opportunity for beginner outdoor enthusiasts to have a blast outside with friends and family. 

In 2020, the Tri-Loppet & Du-Loppet will take place in the lingering shadow of COVID-19. As such, the Loppet Foundation will make a number of adjustments, allowing participants to enjoy the best possible outdoor active experience while also assuring that our community is kept safe and healthy. 

The Tri-Loppet & Du-Loppet is the third Hoigaard’s Challenge event, following the City of Lakes Loppet Winter Festival marathon events and spring’s Sitka Salmon Shares CityTrail Loppet and preceding autumn’s Surly Brewing Co. Trail Loppet. Check out current Hoigaard’s Challenge standings here.

The Loppet Foundation is consulting on a continual basis with the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minneapolis Park Board in its event planning.

Should any event updates need be made, related to COVID-19 considerations or anything else, they will be posted here.

The Loppet Foundation, in partnership with Wheel Fun Rentals, is offering canoe, as well as solo and tandem kayak, rentals on a scheduled basis. If you would like to rent a boat to use for your race, please select the type of boat you wish to rent during the registration process. You will be prompted to select a race start time; this will allow us to organize the boat rentals and ensure your boat will be available, so please choose carefully. If you have already registered and wish to rent a boat, you can do so by going back through the registration process and selecting only a boat rental ticket.

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 StatusRegistration OpenStarting 6/2/20Starting 6/16/20Starting 6/30/20
Tri-Loppet Off-Road Triathlon: IndividualOpen$50$60$65$70
Tri-Loppet Off-Road Triathlon: RelayOpen$30$40$45$50
Du-Loppet Off-Road Duathlon: IndividualOpen$50$60$65$70
Du-Loppet Off-Road Duathlon: RelayOpen$30$40$45$50

Registration and transaction fees are nonrefundable, including in the event of cancellation. Registration is not transferable to another person or another event for any reason, including injury. Competing under another person’s name will result in disqualification.

A Note About the Data We Collect

Proceeds from the Tri-Loppet and Du-Loppet benefit the Loppet Foundation. Learn more about the Foundation's mission, vision, and values.

Safety First

In 2020 the Tri-Loppet & Du-Loppet are primarily an opportunity to be healthy and active outside. The event has been significantly redesigned in comparison to previous years to enable safe participation with regard COVID-19.

One notable difference is in regard to the competition demand. In years past Tri-Loppet has been facilitated to push athletes to compete and be fast. In 2020, in the context of COVID-19, that is not appropriate. This year our central goal is to get people outside and active in a way that principally rewards participation and not to encourage any behavior that could put our community at risk.

While you should prepare well, train hard, and perform at your best, the most important goal, for any event any time, is to stay safe, and keep others safe, while out on the water and trails.

Other non-coronavirus related safety rules are still important too:

  • All paddlers must have Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) in the boat and are advised to wear them. Paddlers 14 and under must wear a PFD.
  • All bikers must wear helmets while biking.

Independent Sections

In place of a single unbroken multi-sport event, the Tri-Loppet & Du-Loppet will consist of independent course sections. Participants may complete two (Du) or three (Tri) of their sections on a single day or complete them on multiple days.

Individual Start Times

Participants will be able to sign up for an individual interval start time. A sign-up system will be available about one week before the start of the event. Other runners, paddlers, and bikers will be on the trail but social distancing will be enabled.

Start and Finish

Participants are asked to arrive only shortly before their start time and to depart shortly thereafter so that we can all practice good social distancing.

Self Reported Times

As participants paddle, bike, and run on their own schedule during the event period, the event will be self-timed. This means that each individual will be responsible for timing themselves and reporting their result via our online result reporting portal. 

Compete Multiple Times

Participants may complete the courses multiple times over the course of the event period. They need only report their fastest result for each segment as their final result.


No bibs are required during the 2020 Tri-Loppet & Du-Loppet.

Section Distances and Description

There will be three sections in the Tri-Loppet: Paddling, Trail Running and Mountain Biking. The Du-Loppet includes the Trail Running and Mountain Biking sections.

  • Paddling Section: 7K. From Thomas Beach on Bde Maka Ska to the Cedar Lake peninsula. Turnaround will be portaging over the tip of the peninsula. Finish back on Thomas Beach.
  • Trail Running Section: 5K. Start on the NE corner of Theo Wirth Pkwy and Hwy 55. Run the Luce Line and dirt path bumpouts off the pavement, along Bassett Creek, around Wirth Lake and finish through the woods by Jar Hill on the SE corner of TWP/55. You can park either at the Trailhead or the Wirth Lake area and warm up/cool down to the start and from the finish.
  • Mountain Biking Section: 10K. Three laps of Area 36 (closed to public during published race times). Park at the Trailhead.

Sections will not connect, but rather will be independent loops. Each section’s start line and finish line will be nearby one another for easy logistics.

Open Course: Paddle and Run

The paddle and the run of the Tri-Loppet & Du-Loppet will take place on open courses, meaning they will not be closed to exclude other trail users. For example, the run course may have other hikers and runners. We will design the course to permit good social distancing by all, though responsibility will also lie with participants to be courteous, thoughtful, and to maintain social distance. The current plan for the bike course is to be on our Area 36 trails and we will close those trails to the public during the published bike start times.

Course Map

Course design will be subject to natural environmental factors, such as flooding. As such the final course map may not be released until the week prior to the event. Here is a tentative Tri/Du Google Map.

  • Friday, July 10: Interval start sign up goes live.
  • Friday, July 17-Monday, July 20: Tentative Start Windows…
    • Paddle: 6:30am-10am
    • Run: 6:30am-8pm
    • Bike: 3pm-8pm
  • Monday, July 20, 10pm: Result upload deadline.

All finishers will receive a digital finishers certificate.

Swag Bag

A Ten-Liter Waterproof Dry Gear Bag (with some other safe social distancing goodies included) will be delivered to all racers that sign up by Friday, July 3rd. People will be able to purchase a bag after that date for $20 while supplies last.


T-Shirts and tank tops with the 2020 Tri Loppet & Du Loppet logo are available for purchase through July 6th. Many thanks to Duffy for their gift of design work.


In 2020, lucky participants of the Tri-Loppet & Du-Loppet will be heading home with top-quality coffee courtesy of local company Donkey Label.

Tri-Loppet Individual Awards: Participants completing all three sections of the race. All paddlers in your boat must be registered for the Tri-Loppet in order to qualify for awards.

  • Overall Top 3 Men and Women: Receive 1 lb of Donkey Label Coffee
  • Top 3 Men and Women Age Group Awards (19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, etc.): Receive ½ lb of Donkey Label Coffee

Du-Loppet Individual Awards: Participants completing the running and biking sections of the race.

  • Overall Top 3 Men and Women: Receive 1 lb of Donkey Label Coffee
  • Top 3 Men and Women Age Group Awards (19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, etc.): Receive ½ lb of Donkey Label Coffee

Tri-Loppet Relays: May be composed of 2-4 people (up to 2 paddlers, 1 biker, 1 runner). The first-place relay teams in each category below will receive 1 lb of Donkey Label Coffee for each team member. During registration, relay teamss must pick only one of the following race categories.

  • Female: All relay team members are female.
  • Male: All relay team members are male.
  • Mixed: Relay team members include at least one female and one male.

Du-Loppet Relays: Comprised of 2 people (1 biker, 1 runner). The first-place relay team in each category below will receive 1 lb of Donkey Label Coffee. During registration, relays must pick only one of the following race categories.

  • Female: All relay team members are female.
  • Male: All relay team members are male.
  • Mixed: Relay team members include at least one female and one male.

Social Media Prizes: 

  • Best Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter post from each day.
  • Overall categories will be announced soon.

Start Reservations

In the week prior to the Tri-Loppet and Du-Loppet we will provide instructions for making individual / family start time reservations here.

Results Recording

In the week prior to the Tri-Loppet and Du-Loppet we will provide instructions for recording your event segment results here.

Please e-mail Paul Johnson at johnson@loppet.org for volunteer opportunities.



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