Loppet Run 365 Competition Team

The goal of the Loppet Run 365 Competition Team is prepare athletes ages 16-19 to compete at a state and national level. Training is based on a year round model, starting in the beginning of November with a focus of racing season starting in March.

This program is intended for Junior athletes 16-19 years old who are interested in improving their running technique, speed, agility, endurance and racing strategies. This program is open to girls and boys of all ethnic and economic backgrounds. Past running and racing experience is required.

The program runs year round and is offered by season. Typically these programs will meet three to five days a week.

  • Winter Program: November – February
  • Spring Program: March – May
  • Summer Program: June – August
  • Fall: September – October

Location will change by season. Winter Season will meet at the Minneapolis Sports Center located next to Minneapolis South High School and the Midtown YWCA, 2121 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, 55407.

Program Description:
The goal of this program is to help young athletes develop a love of running along with a passion for adventures in the outdoors. Coaches will have a variety of workouts keeping the focus on fun but also challenging the athlete. Program will include the following:

  • Running and movement mechanics
  • Plyometrics, agility and speed
  • Core and general strength
  • Endurance training
  • Race tactics and race simulation
  • Pace and race tactics
  • Nutrition and healthy habits for athletes
  • Mental preparation for competition
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