Spring 2021

Loppet High Performance - Movement Project

w/ Nikki Williams DPT and Ryan Williams ACE*CPT

Goals: Help reverse bad patterning, lack of activation, muscle imbalances and improve movement mechanics before the training season is in full-swing. 

Core Strength
Posterior Chain Strength
Glute Activation
TVA Activation
Hip Strength Mechanics
Lifting Mechanics

Training Session Details:

  • March 29 – May 6 (6 weeks) 
  • 60 mins sessions
  • 2 days per week (Monday and Thursday)
  • Total of 12 sessions
  • 10-12 athletes per session (potential for some virtual as well)
  • Meet at Trailhead Studio 6-7pm. Bring a mask and dress to be either inside and outside!

Cost: $325 Total – $25/ session

Any questions? Please email Caitlin Gregg at caitlincgregg@gmail.com.

Registration Closed