Loppet Foundation


Loppet Adventures

Loppet Adventures is the non-competitive and year-round lifestyle aspect of the Loppet Foundation programming.

Loppet Sport

Loppet Sport is the year-round competitive training aspect of Loppet Foundation programming.

Loppet Nordic Racing

Loppet Nordic Racing is the racing program wing of the Loppet Foundation. Loppet Nordic Racing (LNR) was created in the spring of 2012 when two of the Twin Cities largest and most successful ski racing clubs, Minnesota Valley Ski Club and Go! Training, were brought into the Loppet Foundation fold by their respective head coaches, Reid Lutter and Piotr Bednarski.

Loppet Cycle Works

Loppet Cycle Works serves the full spectrum of cycling enthusiasts at all levels of ability and ages. LCW’s mission is to empower cyclists of all ages to achieve their goals through safe, educational, and enjoyable experiences that expose participants to challenges appropriate to their developmental level through year-round coached individual and group activities.


Loppet TRAIL KIDS provides year-round outdoor adventures for youth ages 7 – 13 years old. Kids enjoy activities throughout the year that include mountain biking, orienteering, canoeing, adventure running, and cross country skiing. All of the programs are aimed towards general physical development and love for outdoor endurance sports. Significant time is devoted to agility, speed and strength. We use tools like hurdles, obstacle courses, box jumps, and games to enhance learning and challenge each athlete.