Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DEI Statement 

At the Loppet, we are committed to living out our mission of connecting people to the outdoors through experiences that grow community. We understand that we cannot fulfill our mission of connection and community without acknowledging and addressing the many barriers that exist for some members of our community, especially our BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ community. As an outdoor organization that is situated on stolen Dakota land in Minneapolis, we recognize the importance of honoring both the land and the community in how we operate. The Loppet Foundation is working to build DEI capacity within the organization, create and sustain equitable practices that reflect DEI goals, and bring antiracism to the forefront of all areas of the organization.

DEI Vision Statement 

Our vision is for all people to have equitable access to and connection with the outdoors.

DEI Goals 

Goal 1: Identify, attract, and retain a diverse board, staff, and community who represent and contribute to the organization’s commitment to equity

Goal 2: Advance policies and practices that foster an inclusive culture within the organization

Goal 3: Promote diversity and inclusion in events, programs, and partnerships, as well as a welcoming environment for park visitors

Goal 4: Ensure accountability to diversity and inclusion efforts within the organization and in service to our community

Goal 5: To be recognized by the community and all stakeholders as an institution committed to playing an intentional role in eliminating racism in the outdoors

Equity Advisory Team

As the Loppet reviews, updates and creates policies, processes and procedures that align with the organization’s strategic equity goals, the Equity Advisory Team provides oversight and advising to ensure accountability to the equity goals and objectives.

Updates Plan:

  • Update mission & vision to reflect DEI values and model inclusive practices
  • Identify measurable objectives within each strategic equity goal
  • Develop shared DEI language
  • Implement comprehensive DEI training for staff
  • Document organizational demographic trends (staff, volunteers, program participants, etc.) 
  • Utilize measurement tools to track antiracist practices and progress
  • Document and share resources used to implement DEI work

Read our DEI PDF here.

For 12 months The Loppet has worked with E&T Consulting. Here is an overview of what each session looked like.

Topic: What is DEI?

  • Create community norms / expectations
  • Begin to develop shared language
  • around “DEI” terms
  • Explore the purpose of DEI work at the
  • Loppet
  • Understand the “map” of our DEI work

Topic: Identity; Cycle of Socialization

  • Explore and share facets of our individual identities
  • Learn about the Cycle of Socialization and its impact
  • Understand how identity & socialization fit into the map of our DEI work

Topic: Gearing Up For Change: Team Building & Education/Consciousness Raising

  • Practice teamwork & communication to build a supportive space to challenge the Cycle of Socialization
  • Increase consciousness by gaining contextual knowledge about the lack of diversity in the outdoors
  • Continue to expand our understanding of why The Loppet is engaging in this DEI work

Topic: Community Engagement Prep

  • Increase understanding of the context and history of the community surrounding the Loppet with a focus on North Minneapolis
  • Prepare for community engagement and relationship building with the community in which The Loppet Foundation exists

Topic: Community Engagement Reflection & DEI Framework Review

  • Reflect on the North Minneapolis community engagement challenge
  • Prepare for the Community Celebration with a DEI lens

Topic: White Supremacy Culture Introduction

  • Form discussion groups
  • Practice thinking critically about whiteness
  • Learn about the concept of white supremacy culture

Topic: Confronting Whiteness

  • Further explore the myths and reality of whiteness and white supremacy culture
  • Reflect on our relationship with whiteness and white supremacy culture

Topic: Work Culture – White Dominance to Inclusivity

  • Think critically about how white supremacy culture informs norms and culture at the Loppet
  • Challenge and reimagine organizational norms and culture at the Loppet

Topic: Transitioning to an Inclusive Workplace

  • Continue to challenge and reimagine organizational norms and culture.
  • Gain tools to practice building an inclusive culture
  • Explore the stages of Team Development

Topic: Cycle of Socialization: Organizational Messaging

  • Practice applying a “DEI lens” to our work
  • Consider how we are currently contributing to the cycle of socialization as an organization and the impacts on our community members

Topic: Looking Back & Moving Forward – The Shift to System Change

  • Review and reflect on the content and purpose of the first 10 E&T sessions
  • Begin the shift to system change

Topic: So…What’s the Plan??

  • In our final session, we discussed the Loppet’s current DEI implementation strategy and were introduced to a project planning tool that we will use as we continue to embed our DEI values into the way we operate.

See the DEI Sessions Recap pdf here.