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In a procedure similar to IceHenge, we create two Easter Island Heads (we call them IcesterIslanders) by the bridge at the entrance to Lake of the Isles from the Lagoon. Here the form has been completely filled with ice in layers, and the bottom of the form has been removed to expose the ice and allow tipping the form to vertical to allow freezing the base into the lake ice. Notice the large void that has been created under the form with chain saws and axes that will allow tipping and freezing the base.

After the head has been frozen into the lake ice, the form is removed, and the outline of the head revealed. Notice the face shape pieces inside the ice, forming the chin and the nose and eye brows, still need to be removed.

After removal of the face shape pieces for chin, nose and eye brows, all that is left to do is smooth out some rough edges with an ice grinder, and apply the ice windows in the candle voids behind the eyes.

Placing several candles inside the two voids behind the eyes creates a nice glow, and the luminary under the chin helps to show the rest of the facial features.

A good crew of hardy volunteers has been crucial to make both IceHenge and IcesterIslanders possible.