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Community Garden Installations

The Luminary Loppet is a volunteer-driven endeavor. Our core team of volunteers has, over the years, come up with a number of fun — but oftentimes also very complex — ideas. For instance the Icecropolis, IceHenge, IcesterIslanders, the Ice Pyramid and the Enchanted Forest all started out as ideas dreamed up by our volunteer team.

As the years have gone on we have had more people coming to us with new ideas. We are happy to hear about the new ideas, but we also need to ensure that the new ideas fit within the spirit of the Luminary Loppet, that the new ideas are practical and that the Park Board will allow them under their permit. For those reasons we now have a formal application procedure.

Within The Enchanted Forest area of the Luminary Loppet is a section called The Community Garden, which houses our smaller installations. Smaller installations are able to fit within a five foot square area. We invite and encourage small installations, but in order to have some sense of organization and to ensure that certain standards are met we require those wanting to contribute a small installation to fill out a simple application, below.

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