Tuesday, May 12 - Sunday, May 17, 2020

CityTrail Loppet

10K Urban Trail Fun Run

Thank you for joining us for the 2020 Sitka Salmon Shares CityTrail Loppet!

The Sitka Salmon Shares CityTrail Loppet has established itself as the must-do event on Minnesota’s spring trail running calendar. Piecing together elements of little-known trails in the Minneapolis area, the event has earned a reputation as a challenge for those pushing the pace at the front of the pack as well as a smart choice for those looking to try off-pavement running for the first time.

The 2020 Sitka Salmon Shares CityTrail Loppet Salmon Run is taking place in the shadow of COVID-19; in an environment in which a traditionally facilitated race would be inappropriate but when healthy outdoor activity is more important than ever

As such the Loppet Foundation has redesigned the event from start to finish to create for participants a challenging, fun, and (virtual) community-centric trail running experience that keeps participants and our community safe.

The event has been developed in alignment with Governor Walz’ Executive Order 20-38 Allowing for Safe Outdoor Recreation, and in accordance with the guidelines developed by the Minnesota Department of Health, the Minneapolis Park Board, and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Together with July’s Tri-Loppet and September Surly Brewing Trail Loppet, the Sitka Salmon Shares CityTrail Loppet is a Hoigaard’s Challenge event (see current standings here).

Event updates and announcements are shared here.

5/8 : Our start time reservation system is up and running. Use the code “Salmon” and the links in the “Reserve Your Start Time” section to choose when you and yours will start your run.

5/11 : Our two pre-event participant emails have been sent. If for some reason you didn’t receive them you can view them here.

5/12 : We’ve received a request for a course Strava file (.GPX), and if one person is asking then lots of people are thinking about it. In the past we’ve had trouble with Strava because so many trails the Loppet uses are off the beaten path and can’t be easily added to a course, but we’ve been alerted to a new approach and we’re working on it. There is now a .GPX file under the Parking + Course section.

5/17 : It’s raining. Perhaps you’ve noticed. The course remains open for now, and updates will be posted here should Loppet trails staff need to close course due to potential trail damage.

Our volunteer course team will do their best to keep the course well marked but, as probably goes without saying, if you run today it’ll be an epic. You’ll encounter standing water and finish your run very wet and muddy. You’re responsible for your safety, so be smart out there.

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 StatusStarting 12/1/19Starting 3/2/20Starting 5/16/20
Sitka Salmon Shares CityTrail LoppetOpen$50$60$70
Sitka Salmon Shares CityTrail Loppet - Youth 12 & UnderOpen$12$12$12

Proceeds from the Sitka Salmon Shares CityTrail Loppet benefit the Loppet Foundation. Learn more about the Foundation's mission, vision, and values.

Registration and transaction fees are non-refundable, including in the event of delay, rescheduling, or cancellation of an event or program. An event or program registration is not transferable to another person or another event for any reason, including injury. Participating under another person's name will result in disqualification.

A Note About the Data We Collect

Safety First; it’s a Fun (Salmon) Run

In 2020 the Sitka Salmon Shares CityTrail Loppet is first and foremost an opportunity to be healthy and active outside.

In years past CityTrail has been facilitated to push athletes to run fast. In 2020, in the context of COVID-19, that is not appropriate. This year our central goal is to get people outside and active in a way that rewards participation (e.g. our “Middle of the Pack Award”) and not to encourage any behavior that could put runners or our community at risk.

While you should prepare well, train hard, and run your best, the most important goal is to stay safe, and keep others safe, on the trail.

Run When You Want

Rather than hosting a single event for all runners, participants choose an individual start time between noon on Tuesday, May 12 and 8:25pm on Sunday, May 17. See below for links to choose your start time.

Run Multiple Times

Those who wish to do so may run the course multiple times throughout the May 12 – 17 event period and report any of their results as their final result.

Please do not sign up for a second (or more) start time until you have completed and reported your current start time, i.e. you can only have one scheduled active start time. We will have an award for those who complete the course (and subsequently report those times) the most number of times throughout the week. See our Awards section below for more information.

Self-Reported Results

The event will be self-timed. This means that each runner will be responsible for timing themselves and reporting their result via our online result reporting portal. 

The link to the result reporting portal will be emailed to you on May 12, or once you have registered for the event (if you register after May 12). Please ensure that the email with which you registered will be accessible to you at the start of the event or when you register. If you have any issues relating to results, please fill out this form for assistance.

Please note: If you submit multiple finish times, your most recent result will be returned if you search for yourself on the results page during the race. Once the results submittal period has ended, your fastest result will be determined, and that is the time that will be used for final results and awards.

Conscientiousness on the Trail

Runners will be required to follow Minnesota Department of Health guidelines while they run and be conscientious to practice social distancing while on the trail. Please view our FAQ section for more information on proper trail etiquette.

This practice of social distancing means that runners will need to stop, slow down, and leave the trail to create space between them and other trail user should they encounter them.

Those runners who would like to encounter fewer other users on the trail are encouraged to run at low trail use times.


  • Thursday, May 7 at noon: Start time sign up portal becomes available
  • Tuesday, May 12 at noon: Event begins
  • Sunday, May 17 at 4:00pm: Registration deadline (i.e. yes, you can register all the way up until the final day of the race period.
  • Sunday, May 17 at 8:30pm: Final scheduled runner
  • Monday, May 18, 8:00am: Results upload deadline

Individual start times help spread racers out along the course, providing runners with plenty of room to socially distance from other participants.

Runners are asked to arrive only shortly before their start time and to depart shortly thereafter so that we can all practice good social distancing. Note that start times on Tuesday begin at 12 noon. All other days begin at 6:30am. The last start time on any day is 8:25pm.

Runners should use the buttons below to sign up for their individual start time. Sign up times are filled on a first-come-first-served basis. Please sign up for just one start at first, and reserve a second only after you’ve run once. If you plan to run with someone you are quarantining with, you will only need to sign up for one time. Please start at the beginning of your official time slot to insure maximum amount of social distancing for everyone.

If you need to change your reserved start time, please go to the confirmation email you received from SignUpGenius and locate and click the link titled “Edit My SignUp”. In order to change your reservation time, you will need to delete this reservation (using the “Delete” button, then confirm with “YES – DELETE” – you do not need to notify the organizer) and go back to the main sign-up page for the day you want and choose a new time. If you simply need to edit your name or comment, you can do that with the same link, and save your changes with the “Update my Sign Up” button.

Use the code “Salmon” to reserve your start time.

How it works

The event will be self-timed. This means that each runner will be responsible for timing themselves and reporting their result(s) via our MTEC-managed online result reporting portal. 

The link to the MTEC result reporting portal will be emailed to you on May 12, or once you have registered for the event (if you register after May 12). Please ensure that the email with which you registered will be accessible to you at the start of the event or when you register.

You can run the course and submit results as many times as you want. Please use the same submittal link you were emailed to submit each result, being sure to enter your time in the correct format. If you submit multiple finish times, your most recent result will be returned if you search for yourself on the results page during the race. Once the results submittal period has ended, your fastest result will be determined, and that is the time that will be used for final results and awards.

Get support

If you have any issues relating to results, please fill out this MTEC form for assistance. MTEC can get you support quicker than an email to the Loppet can


The start and finish are both near the Theodore Wirth Park Trailhead, meaning if you are driving, you’ll want to park in either the North or South lots at The Trailheadthe Chalet lot at Theodore Wirth Park, or the Overflow Parking lot and walk or jog to the start line from there.


Due to the event modifications required to accommodate COVID-19 safety precautions, there is only one course at the 2020 Sitka Salmon Shares CityTrail Loppet, unlike in past years where there were two course distances. The 2020 Sitka Salmon Shares CityTrail Loppet course is approximately 10K.

Open Course

The Sitka Salmon Shares CityTrail Loppet takes place on an open course, meaning it is available for use by other trail users: hikers, bikers, and runners. We designed the course to permit good social distancing by all, though responsibility will also lie with runners to be courteous, thoughtful, and to maintain good social distancing.

Map + Details

The course starts on the northeast corner of Theodore Wirth Parkway + MN Highway 55 and ends near The Trailhead. You should get familiar with the course map and read our event crew’s detailed course document here.

The course will be marked with blue tape, blue arrows, Kilometer signs and wrong way signs. Veterans may wonder why no flour and that is because it is in high demand at many stores (one bag per customer) and we don’t want to appear wasteful.

We also have a .gpx file available here. You will need to download the file from the link to your device (using the top right corner menu) and then upload it to your preferred app.


We will have course checkers out every morning before the first runner to check on all the course markings. However, we can’t control all the wily foxes and beavers that take our arrows and tape for their own parties.

If you happen upon an area where it seems like signs or tape are missing or incorrect, please contact Paul Johnson, johnson@loppet.org, 628-245-5105.

Sitka Salmon Shares Trucker Hat for the 2020 CityTrail Loppet


Register by Monday, April 20, to receive a super sweet complimentary 2020 Sitka Salmon Shares Trucker Hat (pictured right). After April 20 registrants can still buy one during checkout while supplies last.

In the context of COVID-19 shipping is proving unpredictable. Runners should anticipate receiving their purchased merchandise items as late as the end of May.


All finishers will receive a digital finisher certificate.

In 2020, lucky runners of the Sitka Salmon Shares CityTrail Loppet Salmon Run will be heading home, collectively, with 140 pounds of top quality, responsibly sourced salmon courtesy of Sitka Salmon Shares. In an era of social distancing and home cooking, what could possibly be better?

This event celebrates – first and foremost – getting outside and active. Unlike past years, winning awards doesn’t necessarily come from finishing first.

We will repost your photos and videos to the Loppet Foundation’s Instagram and Facebook stories and on our Instagram and Facebook pages for the rest of our community to enjoy. Check out this album on Facebook to see all event photos. If you do not see your picture there within 24 hours of posting it, please email your photo to marketing@loppet.org to make sure you are included.

Daily Social Media Awards

After each day that the course is open, Sitka Salmon Shares will pick one of the event photos shared on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter from the day before, and the participant who posted it will be awarded 2lbs of salmon!

*Use both #CityTrailLoppet and #SitkaSalmonShares to win. Please make sure your account is public, or tag the Loppet Foundation in your photo so we can see your masterpieces!

Best Post-Event Dance Award

What better way to cool down after your run than with some sweet dance moves? Record your best dancing video at the finish line and share it with us on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. On May 18th, the participant who posted the best video of the week will be awarded 2lbs of salmon!

Your video can show off your skills – or lack there of 🙂 Whether you make it awe-inspiring or funny, imitate your favorite TikTok star or just do the good old fashioned sprinkler, we want to see out there having fun! Be creative, showcase you and/or your quarantine family having a good time, and please keep it appropriate.

*Use both #CityTrailLoppet and #SitkaSalmonShares to win. Please make sure your account is public, or tag the Loppet Foundation in your video so we can see your moves!

Best Running Outfit/Costume Award

Since this year’s event is focused on having fun, we want to reward those who go above and beyond to make the experience memorable. On May 18th, the participant who wore the best running outfit/costume of the week and posted a photo of it to Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter will be awarded 2lbs of salmon!

Maybe you wear retro 90s workout clothes or maybe you don a superhero cape? Maybe head-to-toe neon running outfit? Or maybe you get creative with the CDC’s mask recommendations and wear a mascot head? Whatever it is you choose, have fun and please keep it appropriate.

*Use both #CityTrailLoppet and #SitkaSalmonShares to win. Please make sure your account is public, or tag the Loppet Foundation in your video so we can see your moves!

Most Number of Times Completing the Course Award

The course will be open between noon on Tuesday, May 12 and 8pm on Sunday, May 17. Participants are encouraged to run/walk it as many times as they like during that time. Any overachiever looking for an added challenge will be excited to know that the person who completes the course the most number of times will be awarded 2lbs of salmon.

If you wish to be in the running for this award, you will need to record your time in the online portal after each course completion so we can keep track of the number of times completed for each person. The winner will be announced on May 18.

Middle of the Pack Awards

The Middle of the Pack Awards will celebrate the two individuals in the male and female race categories who are lucky enough to finish in the dead center of their respective field.

Age Group Awards

The top three males and females in each of the following age categories will be given non-cash awards:

  • 19 and under
  • 20-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60-69
  • 70+

Overall Awards

Non-cash awards will also go to the fastest three males and females overall.

What is the Loppet doing to make the event safe?

We are continually consulting with Minneapolis Parks and the Minnesota Department of Health. This race format has been designed to enable runners to have a great running experience while keeping themselves and our community safe. All in all this means race swag delivered directly to homes, facilitating socially distant starts, creating a race that can be run over the course of a week, and celebrating non-competitive participation so that nobody is incentivized to infringe personal space for sake of a faster time.

“We want our parks to be spaces that continue to be used… and are spaces that people can have some exercise and respite from being in their homes” said Park Board President Jono Cowgill.

The Minnesota Department of Health also suggests “maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routines to help your immune system and mental health, and spending spending time in nature while adhering to social distancing guidelines” to reduce COVID-19 stress.

What is proper trail etiquette during this time?

With regard trail ettiquette, the Loppet Foundation’s advice is directed by guidance from the Minneapolis Parks Board, the Minnesota Department of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control.

The Center for Disease Control and the Minnesota Department of Health advise that trail users stay at least 6 feet away from one another to protect themselves and others. Please pay attention to where others are and be courteous if someone is trying to get by you or you are trying to move past someone else on the trail.

Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board recommendations:

  • Do not visit parks or trails if you feel sick. This includes fever, body aches, coughing, nasal congestion, runny nose and sore throat.
  • Stay at least six feet apart from other park users not part of your household.
  • Wash your hands immediately before and after visiting a park.
  • Do not hang out at the park all day. Visit to walk, bike or roll, then return home.
  • Do not carpool to the park with people outside of your current living situation or meet them at the park to run together.
  • Do not travel to the park from outside the Twin Cities.
  • If you have allergies, carry tissues with you (and properly dispose of them after your race) and if you must cough, do so into your elbow not your hand
  • Consider wearing sunglasses while running to protect your eyes from stray droplets from others

Lastly, remember that smiles from a distance are the good kind of contagious 🙂

Photo from Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

Will there be Aid Stations or Finish Line Festivities?

No. So as to not facilitate social gathering there will be no aid stations, start line, or finish line festivities.

Will The Trailhead be open?

No. While things may change, at this time Minneapolis Park buildings are closed through the summer.

Given that, remember to use the restroom before you leave your house, leave valuable personal belongings at home, bring disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizers with you, and carry your own water/nutrition.

Can I run with family and friends?

It is the Loppet’s Foundations goal that, at CityTrail, participants are able to both stay safe and have a blast with those they love.

As such participants are encouraged to run with family and friends with whom they are already socially isolating. For example, it is absolutely appropriate for roommates or family members living together to share a start time and run together. Just don’t have so much fun that you lose cognizance of distancing from other trail users.

In alignment with Minneapolis Parks guidance, individuals not from the same household should maintain social distance while in Minneapolis Parks.

Should I wear a mask while running?

The federal Center for Disease Control recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. The cloth face cover is meant to help protect other people in case you are infected. However, according to the Minnesota Department of Health, wearing a face covering is not a substitute for hand washing, physical distancing, or remaining at home when ill. For further guidelines, click here.

Can I listen to music while I run?

Many runners like to crank the tunes to keep them motivated on solo runs. However due to everyone needing to be more aware of their surroundings during COVID-19, we ask that if you feel you music listen to music that you use open-ear headphones (like AfterShokz) or keep your volume low enough that you can hear if another runner or biker is in the vicinity looking to safely pass by you. If you can’t hear what is going around you, you cannot effectively communicate with others.

What about snot-rockets?

As gross as it may sound, spit and snot etiquette is currently a hot topic in the running community during the height of COVID-19. For a full article from Runner’s World on to spit or not to spit while running, click here.

This is different from what I signed up for. Can I get a refund?

No, Loppet events always have a no refund policy. Like other race organizers we spend registration revenue well prior to our events (think months of planning) and cannot give refunds for that reason.

Regarding the adjusted format consider that, with the 2020 Sitka Salmon Shares CityTrail Loppet, we had two options:

  • Do not process refunds; cancel the event.
  • Do not process refunds; consult with the Minnesota Department of Health and Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board to develop a plan that allows us to facilitate a safe, healthy, and fun event.

We have chosen the second option.

How is this different from my normal at-home workouts?

While runners are required to run alone (or at least 6 feet apart from one another) in this new race format, by participating in CityTrail you will still feel that you are a part of our larger Loppet community.

Now more than ever, we must rely on our communities for support, which is why we want you to use #CityTrailLoppet on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share your race day stories, selfies, and words of encouragement for other racers.

A virtual race also gives you a training goal to look forward to in a time when the future may seem uncertain in other areas of your life. And when race day arrives, find some normalcy in getting ready for the event; eat the same pre-race food you always eat, double-knot your laces, complete your usual warm-up, and enjoy the pre-race nerves that come from trying to achieve your best time.

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