Loppet Foundation


The course will utilize the North ski trails in Theodore Wirth Park including the machine-made loop. Please note that the course may change depending on weather, snow and ground conditions. The order of events will be ski-bike-run.

  • Ski: One full lap of the snowmaking loop, approximately 6.5K.
  • Bike: Two full laps of the snowmaking loop with the addition of two singletrack sections totaling approximately 1.5K per lap. If the single track sections are not suitable for racing on race day, the bike course will be three full laps of the snowmaking loop (same as the ski loop). Expect the race distance to be between 16K-18K. Note that while any bike may be used, fat bikes are the recommended bike for the course. Fat bikes may be rented from The Trailhead.
  • Run: Same as the ski lap minus the LaSquadra and Trail 18 sections.

Course Preview Information:

  • Friday: 6-9pm. At 6:00pm, a course preview ride will be led by race director Jeremy Sartain. Meet at the patio behind the Trailhead ready to go.
  • Saturday: 12pm-9pm

Due to a 24-hour ski/bike race being conducted Friday-Saturday, the Winter Tri course will not be marked until race morning. However, nearly the entire course will be conducted on the Wirth snowmaking loop. Please avoid the finish area of the 24-hour race and give those racers space and encouragement if you are on the course.

Note: All racers on the course doing preview MUST have their bib and/or number plate attached or purchase a one-day trail pass.

Course Maps