Ski Trail Groups & Events

The Loppet Foundation encourages group activities, but group activity on the trail can create a burden on the capacity of the trail, limiting the enjoyment of other skiers. The Foundation’s philosophy is not to limit the number of skiers on the trails, but to ensure that skiers are following the rules of the trails so that we can accommodate more skiers. With this goal in mind, it is a requirement that any lessons or groups consisting of 8 skiers or larger are required to apply for a group permit.

Requirements for Group Trail Use

  • Every skier and group leader is required to purchase a trail pass and have it visible at all times while on the MPRB trail system. Loppet staff, ambassadors, and security will be checking for trail passes. Trail Passes must be purchased and displayed by all users of the trail.
  • All buses will drop off in the Wirth Chalet parking lot. A parking lot map is available to give to bus drivers. Buses are not allowed to remain in the parking lots at Wirth.
  • Waxing is not allowed inside buildings.
  • All groups need to complete the Group Trail Use Agreement and in doing so agree to understand and abide by the requirements explained within.

Youth & Student Group Discounts

Cross country skiing in Minneapolis parks is a heavily subsidized activity, even when people pay full price for their passes. We make ski passes available at a discounted rate to youth and school teams in order to support youth, high school, and college skiing in Minnesota. However, there are many patrons who pay full price and we need to respect their needs as well. Accordingly, in return for providing discounted passes to youth and student groups, we ask that the groups follow a few simple rules that make for a better experience for everyone involved, including the groups themselves. These rules are explained in the Youth & Student Group Discount Application. Discount pricing is available through December 15th.

  • Season Snowmaking Trail Pass for Student 12 and over $37.50
  • Season Snowmaking Trail Pass for Youth 11 and under $20

Requirements for Special Trail Use

Special Use Permits are needed for use on certain areas of the trail system or for specific uses.

Teaching Areas

A Permit is required to practice in one of the Teaching Areas within the MPRB Trail System.

Permit Pricing, Applications & Payment Process »

Winter Village

A Permit is required to host a group activity in the Winter Village area.

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Stadium & Trail Event Permit

A Permit is required to host an event on the MPRB Groomed Trails from one of our Event Stadiums.

  • Any timed event with more than one team constitutes a race and needs a permit. Any timed event where skiers are wearing bibs constitutes a race and needs a permit. Any timed event where you have a start and finish line set up and skiers are gathering at the start area constitutes a race and needs a permit.
  • This permit reserves use of the Stadium area and associated groomed trails. The available trails will depend upon current trail conditions and may be changed by the Loppet Foundation.
  • Event participants will be exempt from displaying Trail Passes during the event, but must display an event bib while on the trails.
  • Reservation time frame includes setup, event and tear down. Event participants must be off of the trails at the conclusion of the event, unless they have a valid MPRB Trail Pass.
  • Reservations will be accepted for the Trail 18 Stadium for 3 weekday events per week. Lower Stadium is available for Section races and weekend events. When natural snow is available, events may be held on natural snow trails.
  • On weekends events in the Lower Stadium must be completed by 2:00 p.m. except in the case of pre-approved regional, national, or international events.
  • Spectators are not allowed to walk or stand on ski trails. Teams need to assist in enforcing this requirement for the safety of all skiers.
  • In accordance with our user group priority, Stadium & Trail Event Permit Applications from the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) will receive priority for the Winter season – so long as MPS is in good standing and their applications are received by May 1 of the preceding Spring. Applications will be accepted from other groups for the Winter season beginning May 1 of the preceding Spring.
  • Any changes to the event date will be subject to availability.

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