Boulder Nordic Sport

Ski Shop & Equipment Rental

The Loppet Foundation is excited to announce our new partnership with Boulder Nordic Sport (BNS). The nationally-recognized ski shop has formally opened their new Midwest location in The Trailhead at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis. BNS has served the Twin Cities area since 2014 from its former location in Bloomington.

In addition to the sales, ski service, and stone grinding already offered by BNS, Boulder Nordic Sport will also provide a full range of rental equipment from basic touring gear to high-performance demos. During the summer months, Boulder Nordic Sport’s sister company, Boulder Cycle Sport, will take over with a full-service bike shop. Retail sales, rentals, and bike service will begin in spring 2020.

Visit Boulder Nordic Sport’s Website

Rental Information

Hours: 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. (Returns accepted until 8:45 p.m.)

Package Pricing (3-Hour/Full Day):

  • Basic Classic Package ($16/$25)
  • Performance Classic Package ($24/$36)
  • Skate Package ($24/$36)
  • Demo Classic or Skate Package ($50/$63)

A La Carte Pricing (3-Hour/Full Day):

  • Skate or Skin Skis Only ($15/$20)
  • Skate Boots Only ($15/$20)
  • Basic Classic Boots Only ($6/$10)
  • Basic Classic Skis Only ($8/$11)
  • Demo Skis Only ($30/$40)
  • Poles Only ($6/$10)

Additional Items (3-Hour/Full Day):

  • Snowshoes ($15/$20)

Bikes (2-Hour/Full Day):

  • Fat Tire Bike ($40/$80)