June 17, 2023

Juneteenth Fun Run

5K and Half Mile Fun Run

Honoring Bill & Beverly Cottman

Juneteenth Fun Run

Community Events

Bringing the World to Wirth: The Loppet Foundation to Host the 2024 Loppet Cup, The COOP FIS Cross Country World Cup in Minneapolis

What the FunDuro!?

Spirit of the Loppet

Red Bull Urban Portage

Junior Loppet Invitational

1.5K Sit-Ski Loppet

Junior National Championships

5K Ski Loppet

Next Generation Loppet

Turkey Traverse

Trails Day

Marathon, Puoli, Tour Ski

Loppet Community Celebration

Mayor’s XC Ski Challenge

Loppet High School Invite

CityTrail Loppet

Snowshoe Loppet

12 Hours of Wirth: Fall

City of Lakes Loppet Winter Festival

Wirth on Wednesdays

Loopet Loppet

Skijor Loppet

MNOC Ski-Orienteering Loppet

Luminary Loppet

Kubb Tournament

Fat Bike


Hennepin Healthcare Field Day & Utepils Trail Loppet