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The Loppet Hall of Fame

The Loppet Hall of Fame is a celebration of community. Thousands of people have put their heart and soul into the Loppet – volunteering, participating, mentoring, working – making the Loppet happen year after year. The Hall of Fame takes a subset of these people. Hall of Fame members have had a special impact on the Loppet as an organization or on the communities that we serve. Hall of Fame members are typically people who have gone above and beyond for the Loppet for years.

Criteria and Rules


  • Depth of involvement
  • Impact
  • Longevity
  • Loppet Spirit – Do they live a Loppet Life? Are they a good role model of the Loppet Spirit?


  • Each year the Loppet inducts up to six members into the Hall of Fame
  • Current staff and board members are not eligible to receive the award (they may however become eligible after one year of leaving their post)
  • Hall of Fame members are determined by polling current Loppet staff (Must work at least 50%). Each staff member votes for up to six nominees. Any nominees who receive votes on more than 75% of the ballots are recommended to the board for the Hall of Fame. The Board makes the final decision on whether to accept the staff’s recommendations.



Gwen Daniels
John “JD” Daniels
Kim Rudd


Mike Erickson
Nancy Nelson
Mark Bixby
Darby Nelson
Jan Guenther
Mitch Vars


Jon Olson
John Erwin
Barb Johnson
Ahvo Taipale
Margaret Adelsman
Jim Terrell
Scott Gislason


Mary Selke
Phil and Anne Zink


Julie Ellingson
David Dayton
Jim Owens


Claire Wilson
Ingrid Remak
Mike Bono
John Schmitt


Connie Ballie
RT Rybak
Tom Anderson
Mary Luoma
Jeff Richards
Bruce Adelsman


Rick Budde
David Bryan
Joseph Duffy
Bill Dossett
Kate Ellis
Peg Galvin
Hal Galvin
Sheryl Golin
Gene Kay
Judy Lutter
Craig Rudd
Frances Wise
Brian Milavitz