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TRAIL KIDS January Family of the Month – Meet the Kreykes Family

Kids’ ages and years of involvement: Roman (13) – Mountain Biking (Fall 2018-2020) and Nordic Ski (2018-2020). Rocco (10) – Mountain Biking (Fall 2018-2020) and Nordic Ski (2018-2020). Poppy (8) – Mountain Biking (Summer 2018-2020) and Nordic Ski (2019-2020).

TRAIL KIDS and COVID-19: We were thrilled to find out that TRAIL KIDS decided to move forward with their outdoor programs during COVID. The kids participated in the late Spring, Summer, and Fall Mountain Biking sessions this year. Those sessions were a lifesaver! Just to have something to look forward to was awesome and so important for our kids and their physical and mental health. 

Favorite activity within TRAIL KIDS: The mountain biking program is what brought us to TRAIL KIDS. We decided to continue through the winter with the nordic program. Watching our kids enjoy a new sport inspired Sarah and I to take a beginning nordic ski class. We are excited to hit the trails together as a family this winter.

Friends in TRAIL KIDS: We have made many new friends through TRAIL KIDS and introduced other life-long friends to the program. Almost our entire neighborhood now bikes with TRAIL KIDS. It’s a great way to stay safe and distanced with neighbors while enjoying the outdoors.

Involvement in other Loppet Activities: We’ve attended the Luminary Loppet for years. It’s such an incredible evening. Nathan has participated in the Fat-Tire Loppet events, along with the entire family enjoying the Age Gap Relay bike races. Sarah and Nathan have also enjoyed helping at many of the TRAIL KIDS race events as well.

Years coaching: Nathan volunteered as a mountain bike coach this past fall despite one of the kids asking, “Have you ever coached kids before?” Nathan really enjoyed the coaching season and stated, “It’s a great way to spend time outdoors and relearn some basic mountain bike techniques along the way.”

Family Activities: Our family loves to travel and be outdoors. Our recent, pre-COVID, travels include Costa Rica, Alaska, and the Boundary Waters. Thanks to Nathan, Sarah is always a good sport, every vacation is active. Trips involve lots of hiking, biking, whitewater rafting, zip lining, and camping. This last Summer, we spent 5 days and 4 nights exploring the BWCA. All five of us including our toy poodle Elvis traversed 12 lakes and 19 portages. It rained everyday, which made it an adventure we’ll never forget!