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TRAIL KIDS November Family of the Month – Meet the Porter Family

My 9 year old son, Gilbert, has been involved in TRAIL KIDS for the past two years. I am so grateful for the programming that the Loppet has provided for my child. The year of 2020 has been very difficult for my son. His siblings are in their 20’s and he does not have any siblings close to his age living at home with him. With distance learning, he became a very bored and lonely kid.

TRAIL KIDS gave Gilbert the opportunity to socialize with other children his age, get exercise and fresh air, all while practicing social distancing. Gilbert’s favorite activity with TRAIL KIDS is definitely the single tracks. He especially loves Area 36 because it feels like it could go on forever and I have to admit, that’s why I like that trail too. It has been nice to get to know the other families in the program and develop deeper relationships with them.

Through TRAIL KIDS, my son taught me how to mountain bike, and now I look forward to riding the trails on the days I don’t have to work. Now I can’t even imagine life without this amazing outdoor asset right in our own community! I can’t wait until my granddaughter is old enough to start TRAIL KIDS and look forward to trying out more activities such as; cross country skiing. We hope more families in our community will reach out to the Loppet and find a way to get their children to try it out too.

Gilbert Sunrise Jordan Jr.’s Hobbies include: fishing for golf balls and mussels out of Bassett Creek and taking care of his five chickens.

Kristel Porter’s Hobbies include gardening, planting trees, jogging in the snow, yoga, and meditation.