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TRAIL KIDS July Family of the Month – Meet the Ringsven Family

The Ringsven family has been participating in our TRAIL KIDS program for the last three years.  Parents Craig and Amy Ringsven joined Trail kids with some of their life long friends, but have also met some other amazing families through the program.

Their son Kai of 10 years old enjoys the year-round outdoor activities that TRAIL KIDS offers. He participates in the run/orienteering program held during the fall and summer session along with the mountain biking program.  During the winter he enjoys the Nordic ski program. Their daughter Kaysa is 9 years old and started Trail Kids this past year. She enjoys the run/ orienteering program in the fall and summer along with Nordic skiing in the winter. Kai and Kaysa both say their favorite activity is the fall orienteering program. Craig and his son Kai also enjoyed the Family Mountain bike camp at Hayward a year ago (was cancelled this year due to COVID).

Both Craig and Amy have been actively involved in coaching the run/orienteering TRAIL KIDS session held at Wirth this past summer.  Craig also coached his son’s Nordic ski group this past winter and had the satisfaction of seeing kids enjoy the sport, make new friends and progress their skills. 

The Ringsven Family enjoys being outside together and chose to move to this area because of Theodore Wirth Park.  Some of their favorite activities together are camping, skiing, rafting, traveling and going on fun outdoor adventures!