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Cafe Concession Operator Opportunity at the Trailhead

The Loppet Foundation is seeking proposals for managing and operating the cafe concession in the Trailhead. Services sought in the concession include sales of things like coffee, beer and wine, and food. Proposals might also include catering for events like weddings, golf outings, or mountain bike, ski or tubing birthday parties.

Trailhead Cafe Concession Operator Request for Proposals »

To ensure that information is dispersed equitably, questions will be accepted and posted on the website, along with our response. Please address your questions to

Questions & Answers

This section will be updated with our responses to questions as they are received.

Q: Is The Loppet Foundation charging $50,000 in yearly rent?

A: To clarify, we are not charging a specific rent number but rather expect to receive that amount.  We are relying on the individual vendors to provide their best offer in the proposals. The 12% revenue sharing referenced in the RFP refers to an example of a number that would be favorable and would be a way to get to the $50,000 referenced in the same section of the RFP.

Q: The kitchen is 625 sq. ft with 325 sq. ft of storage/staging that is finished for food service? or just dry storage?

A: 325 sq ft storage is just for dry storage. 

Q: How many sq. ft. is the seating area?   

A: The great hall seating area is approximately 3,500 square feet.  There is also a secondary seating area with a fireplace that is approximately 270 square feet.