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Add Your Name to Your City of Lakes Loppet Race Bib

Make it easier for spectators to cheer for you by having your name on your race bib! Register for the City of Lakes Loppet Festival + bib personalization by 11:59pm on October 14, 2019 to have your name printed on your race bib.

People who want a personalized bib and have already registered for one of these distance events can go in and just “register” for bib personalization, as seen in the photo below, but must do so by October 14.

Bib personalization is only eligible on long distance events: Skate Ski Loppet, Classic Ski Loppet, and Freewheel Fat Tire Loppet. Paying the $8 fee gets you ONE personalized bib. If you are racing in multiple distance events and want each of your event bibs personalized, you will need to purchase multiple bibs.