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Weekend Road Closures & Transportation Recommendations

Please note significant road construction near the finish line and plan accordingly.

Beginning 10 p.m. Friday, May 18, both directions of I-94 are closed from I-35W to I-394 and both directions of Hennepin Ave/Lyndale Ave. is closed from Dunwoody Blvd to Oak Grove St.

Map of closed Hennepin/Lyndale (with detours) and closed 94 (from 55 to 35W, i.e. including the tunnel and WB Lyndale and Hennepin exits): Hennepin/Lyndale detours.
More info on this area: DOT Traffic Impacts

We want to see you on the trails (and not stuck in your cars) so please consider biking, busing, or taking one of these routes if you must drive:

  1. Take the Dunwoody exit from EB 394
  2. Approach on Hennepin/Lyndale from south and turn left on Vincent Pl (note cannot take Hennepin/Lyndale exits if coming from WB 94).
  3. Approach from Lake of Isles/Cedar Lk via Sheridan/Kenwood Pkwy
  4. From north of 394, take Van White Memorial Blvd to Dunwoody Blvd
  5. EB 94 to W Lyndale Ave to Dunwoody Blvd.