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Request for Proposals for Eatery Concession Operator

The Loppet Foundation is busy this summer with many projects in partnership with the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board (MPRB) to continue work on implemention of the MPRB’s Master Plan for Theodore Wirth Regional Park. Foremost is the construction which has begun on a new Adventure and Welcome Center called The Trailhead. Wirth Park is a cornerstone of the Minneapolis park system and we are excited to offer an opportunity within the development of the building to expand the amenities of the park. Listed below is a link to a Request for Proposal for an Eatery Concession within the Trailhead with an extended deadline for proposal submission. Construction is expected to be complete and we anticipate an opening mid winter.

Eatery Concession Operator Request for Proposal »
Updated RFP document posted August 4, 2017

To ensure that information is dispersed equitably, questions will be accepted and posted on the website, along with our response. Please address your questions to

Questions & Answers

This section will be updated with our responses to questions as they are received.

Will the Par 3 Golf Course still be there?
Yes. The Trailhead will be the new location for Par 3 green fees.

Will the staging area/finish line for the ski trails be in the same location?
The skiing finish line will be in the same location although it will be expanded in size and will come further toward the new building.

Is the Loppet Foundation independent from the Park Board?
This is a joint project with the Park Board, but the Loppet Foundation will be running the building and surrounding grounds under an agreement with the Park Board. The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board and the Loppet Foundation are partners for the project through formal agreements, which include the Loppet Foundation leasing the Trailhead building and surrounding area with the ability to sublet the spaces. The agreements require the Foundation to abide by MPRB ordinances, but day-to-day decision-making will be in the hands of the Foundation.

Do MPRB ordinances affect the hours of operation?
The hours for the Trailhead building will be 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. The hours for the park are 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. for undeveloped areas (meaning no artificial lighting, etc.) and 6 a.m. – midnight for developed areas (consisting of pathways, lighting, and other amenities) per MPRB Ordinance PB2-33. If we need to operate out of those hours, we will need MPRB permission through their permitting process.

Who would coordinate the events for the space?
This process is still in development, which we would like the vendor to be a part of. We anticipate a collaborative team effort in ensuring that the space is scheduled in a manner that is best for all involved, but the Loppet Foundation will be making final decisions based on the best interests of the whole project.

Who would maintain the common space?
This is not set in stone at this point but we envision the cafe vendor being in the best position to maintain the eating areas. We anticipate working this out in the negotiations process with the cafe space vendor.

Has the kitchen space been designed?
The kitchen space has not been designed other than the outer boundaries of the spaces. We envision the eatery vendor taking the lead in the design and build-out process, including bearing the costs involved with the design and build-out.

Who is the building contractor?
The building contractor is Kalcon LLC. They are an experienced contractor of breweries and kitchen build outs. Contact information for Kalcon: David Kalogerson 612-244-1141

Will there be an employee locker room?
The cafe space includes a kitchen area and an additional storage type area. Outside of those spaces there is not a specific employee locker room. There is, however, a plan in place to have a fee-based locker room available to the public generally.

Will the public be allowed to bring in their own food?
Within reason, yes.

What would the food vendor’s obligation be as a caterer to provide specific menu items?
You would not be required to prepare anything special out of your proposed menu items. However, a more flexible proposal is more likely to come with more exclusive catering rights.

Are there areas to rent for picnics, shelters, with opportunity to sell picnic packages of food?
The patio area outside The Trailhead building may work for opportunities like this. There are also design plans for shelter areas in the woods near the building. Those areas will not be built in this first phase of construction but may be added later.

Is the site in Minneapolis or Golden Valley?
The Trailhead is in the City of Golden Valley and will follow licensing and permitting through them.

Will the Foundation bring in food trucks for bigger events?
The Foundation’s interest is to ensure that its customers have a good experience and do not have to endure long lines to get food and drink at the venue. If the eatery vendor can demonstrate that it can handle the traffic the Foundation might forgo bringing in food trucks.

Are you open to people collaborating on a proposal, i.e. coffee by one source, food by another source?
Yes, the Foundation will be open to proposals like this. The Foundation might be concerned about “too many cooks in the kitchen” but this would come out in the proposal process. In other words, if the Foundation was concerned about squabbling or finger pointing among partners the proposal might receive fewer points, but the Foundation is not opposed to the idea generally.

What is the amount of rent required?
This is a competitive process. Proposals with more rent for the Foundation will likely receive more points and are more likely to be awarded the contract. This is, of course, a complex analysis. Proposals that include inspiring food options that are priced right but have a lower percentage going to the Foundation might be better than proposals with uninspiring food options because a lower percentage of a higher gross would yield the Foundation more in concession revenue and would result in everyone being happier.

What is your expectation for an eatery lease period?
This is negotiable and you should make a proposal that reflects your needs. We are expecting you to pay for your build out, so it is reasonable to work out a lease period to allow you to recoup the build out costs.

Can you provide a floor plan with square footage?
Here is a pdf with the floor plan.

How will deliveries work?
In general there is a back ally with double doors for deliveries. In rare cases deliveries might be made through the front doors as well.

Where is the planned light rail stop?
The Blue Line Extension (aka Bottineau Line) project has a light rail stop right at the park – underneath the Plymouth Avenue Bridge, a block away from the Chalet, and about 500 meters from The Trailhead building