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Northside Combined Ski Team Season Update

The Northside Combined Nordic Ski team is cruising through its second year of existence full-steam. Bolstered by new recruits from Anwatin, Franklin, and Northeast Middle Schools, the team — which brings together athletes from North, Patrick Henry, and Edison High Schools — has been hard at work.

Maybe you’ve seen us practicing at Wirth Park nearly every day. Maybe you’ve peeked into weight rooms around the city and seen kids of all colors and creeds training to get stronger.

Northside Combined athletes are beginning to tune into all the goings-on with the larger Loppet-world. Many athletes are volunteering over Loppet Festival weekend, working at Wirth Winter HQ or Adventure Camp counseling. And some are taking even bigger excursions like the LNR West Yellowstone Trip or leveraging the Loppet Foundation’s partnership with the Porsgrunn School to send North Minneapolis youth to Telemark County, Norway. Opportunities abound for the Northside high school community!

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