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Loppet Foundation Renews Certification from the Charities Review Council

The Loppet Foundation is proud to announce that the Charities Review Council, a Minnesota-based independent resource for donors and nonprofits, has renewed our certification as one that meets its high standards.

“Meeting Charities Review Council standards is an important test of the Foundation’s stewardship and transparency,” said Loppet Foundation Board President Bill Blazar. “It is one that the Board and staff strive to meet and consider doing so, one of our highest priorities.”

The Charities Review Council’s Accountability Standards® are co-created benchmarks of nonprofit governance, finance, fundraising and public communication that were developed in collaboration with academics, funders, donors, nonprofit leaders and subject matter experts. The standards represent sound principles and practices, and reflect the best thinking of hundreds of philanthropic and nonprofit leaders.

The Loppet Foundation received its initial certification in 2014, and is now renewed for the next several years. We addressed all of the requirements outlined by the Accountability Standards. Requirements including things like filing taxes on time, holding regular board meetings and conducting board self-assessments, publishing minutes, and posting tax returns, adopting a timely budget, establishing adequate financial controls, employing an accounting firm to conduct an audit and putting record retention, equal opportunity, whistleblower, donor-privacy and conflict of interest policies in place.

What this means for the public is that the Loppet Foundation is an organization that can be trusted to do things right. Donors can feel like their funds are being used properly and that the organization takes adequate steps to protect against fraud or mismanagement.

Learn more about the Loppet Foundation’s certification with the Charities Review Council.