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LNR Athletes Qualify for Junior National Championships

Twenty three LNR athletes qualified for the Junior National Championships which will be held March 6-12 in Cable, WI. The qualification process is very competitive, and this year it took place over 5 races in the JNQ series- Wausau, WI, Telemark, WI, and Wirth Park, Minneapolis. Rankings can be viewed here:

LNR Athletes and Coaches on the Midwest Junior National Team:


  • Nicole Schneider- NMU/LNR
  • Sarah Bezdicek- NMU/LNR
  • Vivian Hett-NMU/LNR
  • Margie Freed
  • Michaela Keller-Miller
  • Ingrid Thyr
  • Amanda Kautzer
  • Hannah Rudd
  • Dottie Anderson
  • Claire Benton
  • Renae Anderson
  • Kelly Koch
  • Siri Bochacek
  • Lucy Anderson
  • Triana Wilmert


  • Zak Ketterson
  • Xavier Mansfield
  • Pat Acton
  • Foss Kerker
  • Sam Myers
  • Tom Woolhouse
  • Torsten Brinkema
  • James Schneider


  • Chris Harvey- Head Midwest Team Coach
  • Beth Ann Chamberlain
  • Piotr Bednarski