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Junior Loppet Girls Trip a Bonding Success


This past weekend, January 2-3, five girls from the Franklin Junior Loppet Ski Team and five girls from the Anwatin Junior Loppet Ski Team came together to embark on the 2nd annual Loppet Girls Ski Trip. The idea sprouted last year as an effort to create a bonding opportunity for our Junior Loppet girls, between the different teams as well as within their own teams. This year, we traveled to Eau Claire, WI for a day of skiing at Tower Ridge Ski Trails, which totals roughly 20 km of magnificent trails.

The snow coverage was slightly better than the Twin Cities and the trails were in great shape. Wide trails, big hills and a beautiful sunny day made for a perfect day of skiing. We started out on an easier loop because the majority of the girls were newer to skiing, but it quickly became apparent that they really wanted to check out the big hills! So after a short break, we headed out again in search for the “big hills”. And boy, we found them! As the sun went down, a few girls closed out the day with some SkiBall practice, and together we packed up the van and searched out our evening accommodations at Beaver Creek Reserve. We settled into our cabin after some excitement involving a few dead mice, and the girls quickly found their room and commenced the evening games. A highlight of the evening included Coach Sandra playing us some ukulele tunes. The next morning, we slept in and went out for a late morning classic ski on the Beaver Creek trails. These were very traditional, non-groomed single-track trails that had some swooping curving downhills that made everyone whoop and holler. The trails went along the Eau Claire River, crested some valley tops that overlooked a golden creek, and all in all, it was a very peaceful and enjoyable Sunday morning ski.

All in all, it was a fun and successful trip. Girls who were hesitant on the hills Saturday informed coaches that they really got the hang of it on Sunday, and we coaches were excited to see the level of improvement that happened merely over two days on skis.